Putting a bell on your cat may seem like a good idea, both to locate it, to allow the birds to flee or even for a question of elegance, but whether it is anthropomorphism or utility, putting a bell on your cat is something very bad.

So why never put a bell on the cat? I explain everything in this article to spare him this horror for him.

Why never put a bell on the cat? The different reasons

You might think your cat just won’t like it, but know that it would be much more serious. Putting a bell on a cat is a very bad idea. Here’s why.

It makes him deaf

The hearing of the cat is very fine and very sensitive , it can sometimes happen to you to see it stand up when you have not perceived anything, it is quite simply because its hearing is immensely more developed than there ours.

But on the other hand, it is more fragile and putting a bell near it will quickly make it deaf. After a few years, he will no longer perceive a single sound and don’t forget that hearing is a very important sense for him.

It makes him nervous

Imagine a tickle every time you move, it would quickly become unbearable. For the cat it is much worse and he will end up having constant stress and becoming aggressive and will refuse over time to move so as not to ring it.

He will head towards a depressed state, this feeling permanently prisoner of his bell which with each tickle will remind him that he can hardly do anything without undergoing it.

It drives him crazy

He can’t scratch where the bell is, it can be too tight and it can even cause skin problems, this cocktail will quickly make him out of control and you won’t recognize your cat anymore.

He won’t be able to wash himself around the collar either, which he doesn’t like.

What alternatives to the bell?

The bell, in addition to being harmful for the cat, is also not very effective because they will know how to prevent the noise before jumping on their prey. If you want to protect your cat’s birds, there are several solutions:

  • Feed him before he leaves: He will be less likely to hunt, especially from May to August, when the chicks are at his mercy. Prefer the mash to the croquettes, he will be more satiated in animal protein and you are sure of what he eats.

  • Surround the trees with anti-predator hoops: To prevent the cat from going to devour them in their nest. Much more effective than the bells and which will discourage him. This solution is ideal if you want to isolate a particular tree.

  • Put a collar with a GPS chip on him: Which allows him to be located and much more efficiently than with a bell that you will not hear in the distance. You will know where he is at a distance with precision and at all times.

  • Remove the ball in the bell: If you want to prevent it from making noise. But it’s anthropomorphism, your cat doesn’t care about the bell.

Why You Should Never Put a Bell on a Cat: The Final Word

The bell is catastrophic and ineffective for a cat, go to healthy alternatives to ensure its health and manage to locate it or better prevent its natural prey.