Cats often stare at their owner. He’s not just doing a staring contest, but for very specific reasons. So why is my cat staring at me? In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about this type of feline look.

Why is my cat staring at me: The different causes

Cats can stare for different reasons. Here are all the ones that cause this type of gaze towards you. For each, I will tell you how to recognize it, and how to react if necessary.

To calm down

This is the main cause, cats, when they have a relationship of total trust with their master, will stare at them, sometimes purring or sometimes looking completely bored. This is a very good sign that shows his affection towards you .

They often do this when lying down or in a comfortable position, such as on their cat tree.

He is uncomfortable

If he has dilated pupils and backwards ears, he is showing that he is uncomfortable and suspicious of you. Maybe you did something he didn’t like, like touching his stomach.

Or it could be that you punished him for something and he is suspicious of you. Don’t stare back at him, but get him something he likes like food or a game. Remember that a cat should not be punished but should gently understand what he has done of badness.

He wants something

If he meows while staring at you, for example, he’s waiting for something, like going out or getting food. He will then be in a standing position and will follow you or meow. When the usual food time arrives, your cat may stare at you to let you know he wants to eat.

Out of curiosity

He will usually have dilated pupils and a very curious gaze. If you do something unusual, he tends to stare at you. If this thing attracts him, he will come to you or flee in the opposite case.

Young cats have this tendency because they learn a lot from their environment and they are curious about new things. If you’ve made a loud noise, for example, your cat will be on the alert and will stare at you intensely until he realizes that there is no danger for him.

He suffers

Cats tend to hide their pain, they will instead become totally inactive and lethargic. Staring at you, sometimes purring, helps them pass the pain. If you see him weakened, or he refuses to eat, for example, try to see if he is in pain. He will refuse to be touched where it hurts.

Any sign of lethargy that lasts more than 48 hours should lead to the vet because your cat is sick, even if it is not necessarily visible from the outside.

Why my cat is staring at me: The final word

Cats can stare at their owner for many reasons, usually it’s a sign of affection but you can observe him in more detail to get a clear idea of ​​why he’s doing it.