Your cat may lick your hand for many reasons. Here are the reasons why it does it, with for each my explanations to be able to recognize the precise cause which pushes your cat to do it.

Why does my cat lick my hand: The causes and their solutions

If your cat licks one of your hands, it is for one of the following reasons:

By love

This is the main reason you lick your hand. He will do this especially during his youth when he understands that you are there for him. He will sometimes do this while purring. The licking will usually be slow and gentle and will likely be accompanied by purring and cuddling from him.

If you want him to stop, don’t punish or reject him, you can cuddle him or divert his attention by playing with him to maintain a positive bond.

To cure you

If you have a scratch, your cat will lick your hand to heal you because cat saliva contains a healing enzyme. But be careful because their saliva also contains bacteria and I advise you to wash your hands afterwards.

For the taste

Cats sometimes like sweat so he may lick you for the taste, then he will do it all over the sweaty areas. If you have cooking odors on your hands, it’s the same thing.

To enable you to survive

Very rare case, the cat can do it for your survival, to hide your smell from potential predators. Especially if you are outside and in an unfamiliar environment, like on a picnic, for example.

To create links

When he is really young and has just arrived in your household, he will lick your hand to bond with you. It’s a very good sign and it’s the start of a relationship that will last for many years.

Because he stresses

A cat can stress out for many things like an unhealthy environment or a change. De-stress him by reassuring him and paying attention to what scares him. From there you will have two possibilities depending on the type of cause, either gradually accustom him to it, or remove the source of his anxiety.

To mark his territory

Your cat may also mark you as part of his territory, especially if a new animal has arrived to show him that you belong to him. He will also rub up on you for the same reason. Make her understand that you can give affection to anyone.

Unneutered cats are more likely to mark their territory and exhibit possessive behaviors.

How to make him stop?

If you want him to stop, then redirect his attention by playing for example but don’t punish him because he won’t understand and it will affect your relationship. Punishment never works with cats.

Why does his tongue hurt me?

And yes, by being licked by your cat, you may have noticed that his tongue is rough, it is in fact necessary for his toilet, here is for cats are always so clean only by licking themselves.

My cat licks my hand: The final word

Generally a sign of affection, the cat’s hand licking can be linked to several things, with all these elements, you now know why it does it.