If you regularly pass near the litter box, the fetid smell of his urine can disgust you? But why does it smell so bad and especially how to solve this problem? I explain everything about this problem.

Why does cat pee smell bad?

You have probably noticed that cats drink very little, especially because they come from desert regions and have learned to drink only from the blood of their prey, so if your cat’s urine smells very bad, it It is quite simply that it is very loaded with waste, for us for example, urine is always clearer after having drunk well, and therefore less loaded.

But the cat drinks only very little, then it is normal that its urine smells of the waste which is concentrated there, hence this fetid smell of urine, cats having a very concentrated urine.

Is this normal?

In the majority of cases, yes, this is completely normal, but be careful, because if your cat is old or seems to be in pain while peeing (blood in the urine, meowing, difficulty urinating, etc.) then it is essential to go to the vet in this case because it is a urinary tract infection.

In fact, it is more precisely the feline which causes this problem in cats, this amino acid present in the urine of the cat is very odorous.

How to solve the problem ?

I assure you, you do not necessarily have to suffer from this problem, here is what you can do to avoid its fetid urine smell:

Make him drink more 

To make him drink more, you can play on two things. First of all, he naturally prefers flowing water, which is healthier in the wild and it will then be necessary to get him a water fountain.

The second thing is to flavor his water with chicken juice or tuna oil for guaranteed success because he won’t be able to resist the taste.

Finally, cats prefer flowing water because in nature it is healthy for them unlike stagnant water, a water fountain will encourage them to drink.

Add kibble

The kibbles also help to descale the teeth and encourage him to drink because they are dry foods and will encourage him to drink. Cats need to have both dry and wet foods for a balance of good health.

Have him sterilized

Cats’ urine is used to mark their territory in the wild and an unneutered cat will have naturally more fragrant urine. You will therefore have to have him sterilized, which will bring him many advantages anyway, such as the fact that he stops fighting outside with other cats or that he is less aggressive.

Put on an anti-odor

An anti-odor such as baking soda will not allow any odor to escape, you just need to put it in the litter, your cat will not be disgusted by it. He will be able to urinate without his smell bothering you.

On the other hand, avoid covering up the smell with household products that he will hate and which can even poison him. He will eventually defecate outside of the litter box if you have this type of product.

Cat’s urine smells bad: The final word

If your cat’s urine smells bad, everything is a priori normal, you just have to put in place the right solutions so that he can urinate without making you want to vomit. This problem is easily resolvable.