Cats have their own habits, for example they spend several hours a day licking themselves to clean themselves. Among these habits, feline stretching is also very common. But why do cats stretch?

In fact, there is not just one reason but several things that can push him to stretch his full length. And none are the result of chance. I explain all the reasons why your cat stretches.

Why do cats stretch?

Cats stretch for a variety of reasons, here’s everything that will cause a cat to stretch.

It increases blood circulation

Cats stretch especially when they wake up, whether it’s deep at night or it’s one of their many naps. Besides, when you see a cat stretching, you say to yourself directly that it has just got up.

Stretching will increase his blood circulation and allow him to more easily switch to wake-up mode, it’s the same for us, even if we do it instinctively, like the cat, stretching allows us to leave sleep mode to become active.

This cause is the one that is largely in the majority because the sleep of cats is fragmented and stretching on waking is a reflex in cats, with the legs forward, the back bent and the tail raised.

He wakes up his muscles

Stretching upon waking allows the cat to wake up its muscles, it is an animal instinct that it retains even in the domestic state. In the wild, this allows it to flee in case of predation or danger. You have probably noticed that your cat will walk immediately after stretching, much faster than us when waking up.

In addition, stretching the muscles also allows it to eliminate accumulated toxins such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

He shows you affection

If your cat stretches when you are with him, it is not a sign that he is bored, on the contrary, it is a very good thing, because it shows that he completely trusts you because he exposes his belly which is dangerous for him in the wild (never touch him at this level or you will lose his confidence).

He is totally relaxed and spreads out full length for comfort, generally the body is not completely tense and the cat’s paws are apart.

To relax

Stretching allows the cat to completely relax and release the accumulated tension, if your cat has spent energy going hunting or playing, for example, he will begin to stretch to rest and relax afterwards. this effort.

It’s a bit like us after working, it allows us to relax and make way for peace of mind.

To attack

If cats stretch when they are outside with a fixed and intense gaze on something, it is that they are about to pounce on their prey and stretching serves them to prepare for the attack and to be as precise as possible.

The claws will be out and her excitement at its maximum state. The body is very tense and is very concentrated to pounce on its prey.

To get your claws

Cats also stretch when scratching, usually they do both at the same time with no direct connection, but often they do it to get a better grip on their scratcher. This allows them to scratch more effectively.

To enjoy enjoying the sun

You have probably already seen your cat basking in the sun and stretching, it is a way for him to completely relax and make the most of the sensations of the heat. Typically, cats lie on their stomachs with their paws up in this situation.

Benefits of stretching for cats

Here, cats have everything in common with humans when it comes to cat joints. Here’s everything cats (and you) get after a good stretching session:

  • More efficient joints: The body is less numb and cats need joints at the top to use their agility on a daily basis. Stretching stretches connective tissues like tendons and ligaments.

  • Improved range of motion:  Cats jump everywhere, especially when they are young, and their range of motion is necessary for them to be able to do this.

  • Promotes Oxygen Flow: Good oxygenation is essential to staying physically and mentally fresh, stretching is a simple way to do this.

  • Improves the immune system: And yes, stretching allows it in a totally intuitive matter.

  • Improves the lymphatic system  : Here too, stretching can improve it.

Why Cats Stretch: The Final Word

If cats stretch, it’s always for a specific reason, now you know why your cat stretches all the way at certain times of the day.