But why do cats sleep so much? This is a question that many people ask themselves because cats seem to spend their time dozing off. And indeed, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day. So here’s everything you need to know about cat sleep duration.

Why Cats Sleep So Much: Everything You Need to Know

Cats have very specific sleep habits, here is everything you need to know about cat sleep time to understand why they sleep so much.

Cats are mostly active at night

If cats often sleep during the day, it is because they are more active at night in their natural state, the night allowing them to hunt more effectively and avoid predators. So if your cat spends a lot of time sleeping during the day, he is more active at night, especially if he has access to the outside and he will take advantage of this to hunt, especially in summer.

During the day, he will also take advantage of being alone to sleep when you are not there and will not necessarily sleep the whole night, even if he is with you.

The night consists of deep sleep

Cats often sleep in a light sleep, when they take a nap, but at night they sleep more soundly because the danger is less present in their natural state, although they will always prefer to sleep in height. He will also be much less likely to wake up to the slightest noise.

The naps are numerous

Naps make up a large part of light sleep, which represents 70% of a cat’s sleep, regular light sleep is essential for them for two reasons. First of all, being in light sleep allows them to always be able to flee in case of danger.

Then, your cat needs to recover by naps from his efforts, especially when he is outdoors and frolics in nature for hours. Naps allow them regular recovery and restore their energy.

This is the main reason cats sleep so much, they are very active and will need to recover throughout the day.

As for the kittens

Kittens sleep up to 20 hours a day because they need it for growth, and sleep is even more necessary for them than in adulthood. In addition, sleep serves them for learning, reliving everything they have done during the day.

They sometimes don’t sleep

When bored, cats rest but don’t really sleep, so you may feel like your cat is sleeping all the time, but if he’s bored, make sure he can sleep. having fun, boredom leads to depression in cats.

Why Cats Sleep So Much: The Final Word

Cats sleep a lot, but mostly in light sleep, in order to always recover the energy they spend during the day. So, if your cat sleeps so much, nothing serious, it’s simply in his natural needs.