Among the very strange habits of cats, sinking their paws thrones at the top but cats do nothing randomly. So why do cats sink their paws? I explain everything in this article.

For Cats Sinking Their Paws: The Different Causes

When cats knead with their paws and push them down, it is for one of the following reasons. They’re not all good, so if your cat pushes them for the wrong reason, I’ve got you covered to stop them.

To express well-being

This is the main cause that makes cats sink their paws. It is a sign of inner well-being and that they are totally serene. Cats often do this when being cuddled. They will also have dilated pupils and many will purr at the same time.

They often do this when lounging on the couch or in direct sunlight, that’s a very good sign and as long as he doesn’t get his claws out on the couch, there’s no problem.

But if he takes them out, it is vital to make him stop by providing him with a scraper or by placing aluminum on the place where he sinks his claws, cats hate aluminum.

By habit

Cats have many learned behaviors from early childhood. In this case, cats can push their paws in imitation of their mother, it’s like a ritual for them, a bit like rubbing our hands for no reason for us.

If he was weaned too early, he can keep this habit of his long years for a long time, like other behaviors of baby cats, he will for example chew the blankets. Even if this behavior is not a very good sign, it is not problematic in itself.

To mark his territory

If your cat sinks its paws in certain specific places, it may be to mark its territory thanks to its glands located at the level of the pads which allow it to deposit its scent. If a new animal has arrived in the household, then this reason is a near certainty.

Cats are very territorial and should always have a separate corner, otherwise a turf war is inevitable, so do whatever it takes to make all your pets feel at home.

He wants something

A cat is far from being stupid, sinking its paws on you and without taking its claws out often allows it to obtain something like food, and it has understood this very well, its goal is to obtain something you.

It’s a bit like when he rubs against you or purrs while staring into your eyes, if you ignore him he will stop using this habit to achieve his ends.

To sleep better

In the wild, cats often knead the leaves to make a natural pillow with them and will sometimes reproduce it in the domestic state. So if he digs his paws into the blankets, for example, it’s to create a cozy nest to sleep in.

You can help him by giving him a pillow or leaving the blankets undone if he wants to sleep comfortably on it.

He is in heat

A cat in heat will engage in many strange behaviors such as biting blankets or rubbing furniture, and kneading with their paws is one of these behaviors. A cat in heat is not good, it suffers and will become more aggressive.

Castration is strongly recommended, because it allows indoor cats to no longer be victims of their desire and outdoor cats to no longer enter into conflicts with other cats and take certain excessive risks that can kill them. .

He stretches

Stretching is often done when waking up and cats have their backs bent and their tails in the air. Stretching allows the cat to activate its blood circulation, relax its joints and go from sleep mode to awake state.

Should he be stopped?

It all depends on whether it bothers you or not, for example, if he urinates at the same time or kneads with his claws. But don’t punish him.

For example, if he does it on you by sticking out his claws, just taking his paws off of you and ignoring him, he will understand that he will not get anything this way and will stop this behavior.

If he marks his territory, it is vital that he can feel at home, if he is neutered it will be much easier and if he is afraid of the arrival of a new animal, promote their understanding by playing with them equally and all three. But remember that an unneutered cat will be much more territorial and difficult to manage?

And don’t forget that if he is not neutered, the best solution is to have him sterilized to prevent him from expressing his sexual urges.

Why Cats Sink Their Paws: The Final Word

Cats can have this behavior for many reasons, the majority of them are positive, but if you notice bad habits at this level, make sure that it stops by implementing the appropriate solutions.