The Christmas holiday season has arrived and as always your cat is rushing to the Christmas tree. But why does he do it? In fact, there are several very specific reasons. If you are wondering why cats love Christmas trees, I explain everything in this article.

Why Cats Love Christmas Trees: The Different Reasons

When a cat sees a Christmas tree, he can’t resist it, and there are great reasons why he loves this symbolic tree so much. It’s even something he’ll instantly fall in love with, especially if it’s not artificial.

He can climb it

Cats love to climb, so a Christmas tree with tinsel, rattling balls and branches gives them tons of fun possibilities. Young cats won’t be able to contain their excitement when they come into contact with the Christmas tree.

In addition, it’s a tree he may never have seen and whose layout makes him curious, so even if he’s an outdoor cat, he won’t be able to help climbing it. .

Young cats will love using it to exercise their predatory instincts. The tree is the perfect support for his hunt thanks to all its corners and the hanging decorations are like prey on which he will pounce.

He can do a lot of things

He can use the tree to sneak around, to climb and to play with the elements of the tree, such as Christmas balls. The branches allow him to explore many corners that traditional trees do not allow.

Young cats will make this their favorite toy and will love playing with the Christmas balls and having fun making them move.

He loves the smell

Cats have a very keen sense of smell and when they smell a Christmas tree, it’s a wonderful feeling for them, much more than with other trees, and your cat will love to smell it, whether it’s Whether it’s wood or foliage, he can even rub the smell so much he likes it.

Cats love the smell of wood, such as cardboard boxes , in which they can stay for hours.

A warm tree

Cats don’t like the cold and don’t go out often when it’s really cold, so imagine for him, a tree in an ambient temperature in the middle of winter, the dream! And in addition he can feed himself just after having spent himself there.

No danger

When cats are outdoors they often sniff trees to see if other animals may be dangerous. With the Christmas tree, they know it’s their tree and they won’t see any danger there, so they will climb with joy.

How to protect the tree when the cat is sneaking around?

The tree can fall if your cat plays on it, so make sure to protect it, and protect your cat at the same time.

Weight the tree

Use weights or water bottles to stabilize the tree and prevent it from falling. Sand can also be very effective as long as the cat does not use it as litter. The more heavy the tree is, the lower the risk of it falling.

Take some solid decoration

If you have a cat, he will want to play with the Christmas balls, get one that won’t break if he drops them. Also take some that stay firmly attached to the tree to prevent them from falling.

Watch out for garlands

If your cat tends to chew on the tinsel, be careful, because putting some on can cause him serious problems if he swallows some of it.

Should I take him away?

If the fact that your cat climbs the tree, then yes, it must be kept away by using a repellent spray to put on the tree. But if possible, put your tree in a safe place for him to enjoy, away from wires and shelves.

You can also make him understand when he gets too agitated by picking him up (without upsetting him) and moving him away from the tree to prevent him from starting again.

Why Cats Love Christmas Trees: The Final Word

Cats love Christmas trees, especially if they’re real and won’t be able to resist the temptation to explore them from top to bottom. So make sure he doesn’t hurt himself climbing it.