Cats sometimes have behaviors that may seem strange to us, such as their fear of cucumbers or their excessive attraction to bleach. So why do cats like olives? I explain everything in this article.

Why Cats Love Olives: The Different Causes

If your cat starts to smell the olive and starts going crazy acting like it’s hypnotized by the olive, it’s for one of the following reasons:


Cats have a much more developed sense of smell than ours and smelling the olive reminds them of the pheromones they produce to mate. If your cat isn’t neutered, the smell of olives can drive him crazy.

Specifically, it is the nepetalactone that gives the olive that smell and drives the cat crazy. To give you a comparison, it’s a bit like taking cannabis but without the cat suffering any danger or addiction to his beloved olives, which will drive him crazy for about 15 minutes.

This cause is the most common and by far it is advisable to neuter your cat to avoid this type of problem.

A deficiency of folic acid

Some cats, especially those indoors, have folic acid deficits due to a diet that is too low in meat and olives contain it, which can make them want to eat it in some cases. He will pounce on them to eat them if it is for this reason.

He can eat it, but you must always pit the olive to avoid any risk of him choking on it by eating the olive, he will not have the reflex to chew it or release it.


An olive rolls, sometimes it doesn’t take more to amuse cats, especially when they are very young. If yours plays with them, then he likes olives for their appearance because it allows him to have fun. You can let it be, but be careful that it doesn’t get stuck in his throat while he’s playing with it.

Is it dangerous?

There is not necessarily any danger as long as the olive is pitted. The only thing is that you will preferably need to neuter him to prevent him from being driven mad by the olives, especially during periods of heat.

However, be careful with olives that are soaked in brine, as it is too high in sodium for the cat and can cause it to vomit and have transit problems. Check the composition on the jar carefully.

Ditto, be careful if your cat is diabetic as they cause insulin sensitivity in cats that suffer from it.

Is it beneficial?

While olive oil is beneficial for a cat’s joints and overall health, the benefits of olives are found in cat food and are not of much direct use.

But at the indirect level, if your cat adores them you can use them as a reward for his good behavior, especially if he is young and needs to be supervised.

Why Cats Love Olives: The Final Word

Overall, it’s the smell of the olive that drives them crazy, but all the causes must be known to be sure to pinpoint the cause of this feline love for olives.