You may have noticed that sometimes your cat throws himself like crazy on the bleach and can even start urinating at the place where you used it. But why does it have this strange behavior? I tell you everything in this article.

Why Cats Love Bleach: Urine

And yes, it’s very weird but cats love bleach because the smell reminds them of urine due to its very developed sense of smell. Bleach has a Ph very close to that of urine and its ammonia smells like another cat’s urine.

And that puts him in a rage because he thinks that another cat has come to mark his territory and he’s going to urinate over it to make it clear that it’s his territory with you.

Cats will always be attracted to products that remind them of their pheromones even if these are dangerous to them and this is why bleach will always be attractive to them and will provoke territorial protection reactions in them.

Pheromones are substances secreted by animals and which allow them to communicate, in times of heat for example or to show that the territory is theirs. And for cats, whose sense of smell is highly developed, pheromones are a very frequent mode of communication.

The Dangers of Bleach for Cats

Cats need clean air to avoid poisoning and bleach is harmful to them and dangerous for them. Many cases of bleach poisoning bring each year to the veterinarian.

Be careful not to leave it within reach of the bleach bucket and leave it in another room while you clean. If he shows symptoms like vomiting, take him to the vet to avoid any risk.

If you can’t get your cat to leave, then white vinegar in lukewarm water is best and just as effective.

Be aware that if your cat has only smelled the bleach or it is very diluted, there is almost no risk that he will be poisoned with it. The fumes are also non-toxic to cats and you can bring her inside once she’s dry.

How do I know if my cat is poisoned with bleach?

If your cat is purring or rolling on the floor, it may be a harmless reaction to steam.

If your vomits, seems to be in pain, drools or has white spots around the mouth, he is intoxicated and must have treatment from the veterinarian in order to recover.

My cat has used bleach: What to do

If your cat has consumed bleach, here are 3 steps to best react:

Step 1 – Determine the type of bleach

Undiluted bleach should always lead to a trip to the vet as it is very dangerous. The more it is diluted, the less dangerous it will be for the cat.

The more concentrated the bleach, the more harmful it will be.

Step 2 – Treat the Symptoms

Have them drink water or milk to flush out the bleach in their bodies. If you find that he does not want to drink. Take some tuna or sardine oil and pour it into the water it will drink for sure.

If these symptoms continue 30 minutes after drinking, a visit to the vet is a must.

What substitute for bleach to wash your cat’s things?

If your cat throws himself on bleach or anything that smells of it, do not use it to clean his litter box or his bowls, but prefer baking soda so that he is not attacked by household products that can lead to having vomiting problems , among others.

Cat and bleach: The final word

Cats will always be attracted to bleach, so make sure they can’t get to it or they’ll poison themselves with it.