It was probably surprising to you to surprise your cat totally terrified by a cucumber. He saw the food and jumped as if it were a huge threat. If this behavior seems totally crazy at first glance, it is in fact totally logical.

In this article, I show you why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats are often very curious, they see, smell and touch objects they do not know and when a cucumber arrives, fear sets in, here are the main reasons:

Cucumber looks like a snake

The main sense of cats is smell, they see very badly, especially from afar and a cucumber can make them think of a snake, which is also the reason why they can be afraid of bananas. In the wild, snakes can be formidable predators for cats, and their survival reflex will activate as soon as they perceive an object resembling a snake.

In the wild, some snakes attack cats to eat them, and even if you have an indoor cat that has never encountered a snake in its life, its survival instincts will kick in when it sees a cucumber.

The fear of the Unknown

Cats are animals that hate changes and seeing a cucumber can scare them because they have never seen this object. Its strange shape will scare them at first. In the wild, cats must be wary of the unknown, it’s a matter of survival and even if they are fully domesticated, their survival instinct will never go away.

The surprise effect

A cat who is afraid of cucumbers may in fact be mostly afraid of coming across such a strange and potentially dangerous object. If he saw it in advance, he will approach it slowly and can even smell it, his brain will have understood that it is not a threat.

Without the element of surprise, the cat may be wary but will not be terrified by the element of surprise.

Cat and cucumber: What’s going on in his head

When a cat is startled by a cucumber, it will initially jump, causing its heart rate to increase and its muscles to stiffen. It will then begin to arch.

His adrenaline level will start to explode and it will take time for him to return to his normal state.

If the cucumber was seen in a place where it is often or where it eats, it will not go much and may stop eating if it saw the cucumber while eating. It will take time for him to return to his normal state.

Avoid scaring them

It can be fun to scare your cat with a cucumber but know that even if it is funny to see, it will put him in a deep state of stress that is best avoided, especially if it is in his personal space. .

Your cat needs to feel safe in your home and if he feels in danger, he will no longer trust you and will become fearful and aggressive.

Can they eat it?

Yes, this food is not toxic for cats and in addition it is very nutritious without providing superfluous calories, so if your cat wants some it is all good, and maybe he will learn not to have any more fear.

You can also cut it in front of him, which can reassure him because he will see that it is not dangerous.

Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers: The Final Word

The unknown and the fear of snakes will cause cats to be afraid of cucumbers, and although it may seem funny, avoid scaring him with the risk that his behavior will change on a daily basis.