When it comes to litter, there are a few things to keep in mind, because a poorly placed litter box can bother you and your cat. So how do you dispose of a litter box in an apartment? I tell you everything you need to know to place it in the best possible place.

Where to put cat litter in an apartment: The basics

Placing her litter box requires you to meet a few essentials so that your cat does not snub her and she does not bother you. Here are the key factors to consider:

In a clean place

Cleanliness is essential with cats, which are among the cleanest animals. For example, cats spend several hours a day washing themselves by licking themselves and if the litter box is in a dirty place, they will refuse to go there.

Clean place means in this case that the floor must be clean and the environment too, certain smells can disturb it for example if the litter is in the kitchen. Also beware of the dust present in the air which can disturb it.

Separated from food and water

Food and water should be in his personal space but not too close to the litter box, basically he should not smell the litter box when he is drinking and eating. One meter is recommended and two meters of space is essential if it is hot in the room.

In a quiet place

When cats relieve themselves, they expose themselves and cats still retain their natural instincts. So if there is traffic when he defecates, he will inevitably avoid defecating there again.

He must know that nothing can surprise him when he puts himself in a position of vulnerability, such as when he eats and even more so when he sleeps.

In an open place

Cats do not like closed places, which are synonymous with danger for them in the wild, and it will be essential for them to do their business in a place where they can quickly escape. So make sure he has enough space.

In a ventilated place

This point is a little similar to the first one I presented to you, an unventilated air can displease them, do not forget that their sense of smell is much more developed than ours.

In an accessible place

Your cat should not have to make any effort to access its litter box, avoid putting it up high for example, a semi-closed litter box is also more suitable for old cats who have joint problems.

What room to put it in?

Each coin offers different advantages and disadvantages, here is the balance sheet coin by coin.

In the living room

The living room is not ideal, unless it is very large and relatively quiet, if the environment is too agitated, he will refuse to poop there. And putting cat litter in the living room can be very unpleasant, especially in the summer.

The main advantage of this piece is that he is there often and can easily go there. The disadvantage is that this room is the one where you are most awake and putting a litter box there can be disturbing even if there is no smell coming from it.

In the kitchen

The kitchen offers the advantage of being calm and can be considered to put his personal corner there, but it is also more fragrant which can disturb him when he does his business. It also depends on the layout of the kitchen, which can be open or closed. An American kitchen will be more suitable.

In a room

Cats will like this room, the question is especially if it bothers you, because the smells can bother you. If you want to put the cat’s litter in the room, put baking soda in the litter to prevent odors.

The bedroom is the most used place for the personal corner of the cat and you only need to put baking soda to contain the smell.

In the corridor

If the hallway is wide and there is little traffic, it’s a good idea, but generally speaking it’s not the most suitable room. In addition the doors open there which is really not pleasant for the cats.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom, your cat may like it, the only problem is that you will have to take a closed litter box to avoid vapors in the litter box, which your cat may refuse. The bathroom is little used but if you have a vmc, you can put the litter box there even if it is not semi-closed or closed.


Here, it is a somewhat special case which does not directly concern a part. If you have an old cat, avoid putting the litter box and its personal corner in it, because its joints will not allow easy access.

Where to place the cat litter in an apartment: The final word

The cat litter can be put in several places, the whole thing is that the cat is comfortable in it and that the litter does not bother you. Usually the bedroom is favored and as long as you put baking soda in there so the smell doesn’t come out, there’s no problem.