Some cats hate water and refuse to be washed, so you have to find an alternative solution to keep it clean and without water, which is not a simple task. Here’s how to wash a cat without water.

How to wash a cat without water: the 2 main steps

Washing a cat without using water will require first taking care of the environment in which it will be washed and then finding substitutes for water so that it can be washed. Here’s how.

Step 1 – Take care of the environment

The first step is to take care of the environment, the more the environment will please your cat the more he will like to be washed there.

A calm environment

Cats like calm, which is safe for them, and you absolutely have to make sure they can feel good, so wash them in a quiet room, which is usually the bathroom. Calm must relate to noise and agitation, because these are two sources of stress for the cat, and the more the cat will be stressed the more it will have difficulty letting go.

Calm him down

Then, you will have to calm him down, because if your cat does not like being washed, he will do anything to leave, so it is recommended to diffuse a soothing spray that acts on his sense of smell to calm him in a few seconds. Cats being very sensitive to smell, the effect is ideal and instantaneous. It is also very useful if you have a cat who is stressed in the car or when there is noise such as a lawn mower for example.

Reward him

Finally, reward him with something he likes to create a positive association in his head, he will associate washing with something pleasant and will be more easily let go. For example, you can use exceptional food such as chicken or sardines. Flavoring your food with salmon oil is also a good idea;

Step 2 – Use a Substitute

Who says no water says substitute, here are the two you can use:


The talc allows a correct cleaning of the cat if it is not too dirty, it is however not very effective if your cat is really dirty. And if your cat has long hair you can forget about it because it won’t do the cleaning well enough.

Dry cat shampoo

Dry shampoo is very effective for washing your cat without water, you can get rid of its dirt without fear that it will scratch you or try to escape. Always take a dry shampoo for cats because their skin does not have the same ph as ours.

A cat brush

The cat brush allows you to brush your cat to get rid of dirt completely. Get one that’s cat-friendly to avoid hurting him and to be more precise when cleaning.

How to wash a cat without water: the final word

To wash a cat without water, there are special shampoos that allow it to be cleaned, perfumed in a few minutes. It is an excellent solution to wash your cat without stressing it and keeping it clean.