If you want to wash a cat that is aggressive, it is quite possible, but you will have to follow several steps to achieve this without being attacked by your cat. Here is without further ado all you need to know on this point.

How to wash an aggressive cat: the 4 steps

To successfully wash your cat, here are 4 essential steps that apply to all cats in general but are essential for the most aggressive cats:

Create an enabling environment

Your cat should have a quiet, noise-free environment to keep them as calm as possible and should never be in an environment that can stress them out. Otherwise, he will feel vulnerable, which is related to his natural predatory instinct.

The bathroom is often a good solution, unlike noisy rooms with a lot of traffic.

Create mental safety

The second step is to act directly on him, starting for example with kisses and hugs, but a more effective solution is to diffuse a soothing spray which will act on his hormones and will keep him calm despite his natural agitation, cats with a very sensitive sense of smell.

Opt for dry shampoo for cats

When it comes to washing a recalcitrant cat, water is probably what will piss him off the most, so choose dry shampoo so he can let it go. You will then need to brush it. If you absolutely must make sure to wash it with water, dampen a washcloth and wash it with it, do not soak it in water. Also wash it with lukewarm water that it will support more than totally cold water.

Reward him

Once he’s totally washed, give him something he likes, that way he’ll associate washing with something enjoyable and will be easier to take care of next time, the more you do when he’s is young, the easier it will be to clean it for the next few times.

Minority factors

Certain factors also help keep your cat calm during the wash, they are not essential but are a plus so that he can keep calm.

The first thing is to do it in a moment when he has already spent energy, because he will be calmer, playing with him before is therefore a plus so that he is in a good state of mind, do not however never wake up.

The second thing is to give him food just before, there too, he will tend to calm down and will be in a good mood to be washed.

The last thing, sometimes difficult to set up, is to distract him during the wash, with for example a cat video or something that intrigues him.

How to wash an aggressive cat? The final word

Washing an aggressive cat is not always an easy task, but with these valuable tips, you will always manage to wash it and the washing sessions will be easier and easier to implement.