Unclogging a cat’s nose is vital if it is congested because it is essential for him to breathe as well as to recognize odors, smell being his main sense, and 70 times more developed than ours.

Why unclog a cat’s nose?

Unblocking a cat’s nose is essential for many reasons, far beyond just smelling it. Here are all the reasons why having a clear nose is vital.

For his sense of smell

A cat’s sense of smell allows it to do many things, such as distinguishing tastes and colors and even communicating with other cats. For example, by marking its territory, the other cats know that it is already taken. It is also used to detect prey such as rodents or birds.

Smell is even more important than sight in cats and is essential for everything it does, even indoors. Its sense of smell is 70 times more developed than ours .

To allow him to breathe

Cats cannot breathe through their mouths and must absolutely be able to use their noses to breathe, so it is essential that they do not have their noses blocked, which could endanger them. Especially flat-headed cats who naturally have poorer breathing.

To facilitate communication with other cats

If there are other cats near yours, smell is vital for him to communicate with them and detect their presence. Ditto with other animals, whether indoors or outdoors.

How do I unclog his nose?

The first thing is to use a sterile compress and physiological serum for cats to be able to clean his nose gently, in order to evacuate what he has in his nose.

If the nose is really clogged, you can ask your veterinarian for medical treatment to unclog even what is encrusted.

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  • Immobilize  it: Ideal so that it does not struggle. Put it on a table and stand behind it to easily control it. If necessary, you can wrap it in an envelope so that it cannot scratch.

  • Clean the surface: Soak the compress in saline solution for cats and gently clean their nose to remove residue. Iron several times to soften the crusts and secretions and to be able to remove even what is very attached.

  • Clean the interior: By doing the same thing but with a cotton swab, always going there slowly.

  • If necessary, make sure to calm him with calming pheromones and reward him well afterwards so that he can associate it with a reward. The work will be less complicated for the next times.

When to clean?

For flat-headed cats, cleaning must be done regularly, as soon as the nose is a little congested because they have poorer breathing due to the shape of their nose. For kittens, same thing.

For other cats, be careful to do this when it’s cluttered, but cleaning doesn’t need to be as frequent.

Unclogging a Cat’s Nose: The Final Word

To unclog a cat’s nose, all you have to do is go with caution, always go easy so you don’t have to stress your cat.