If your cat is sneezing, the solutions to put in place to treat it depend on the cause of the problem. Here’s how to treat a cat that sneezes according to each cause that can cause it. I also explain how to find the cause.

How to Treat a Sneezing Cat: Solutions by Cause

The causes of feline sneezing can be very varied. Here is the list of causes with for each, the means to treat your cat. For each cause, I also explain how to recognize it.

A noxious smell

If your cat is exposed to odors such as toxic plants or household products, the only solution is to put these sources of harmful odors out of his reach, it is the only solution to stop him sneezing. If a source of odor is present, especially when he sneezes, it is this problem.

A dry air

If the air is dry, especially in summer, it is normal for your cat to sneeze. What you need to do is simple, you need to allow it enough humid air with an air humidifier or even by wetting clothes or even by generating steam. Even if obviously, only a humidifier can really make the difference.


If the air is dusty, it is normal for your cat to start sneezing, here too, regular cleaning or even an air purifier will help you to stop him from sneezing.

A foreign object

If your cat has an object stuck in the ENT sphere, it will likely bleed. In this case, it is a veterinary emergency and you must get it treated as soon as possible, otherwise you risk serious problems that could put its life in danger.

An infection

An infection in the nose can make him sneeze, too, if you see pruritus, disinfect him and take him to the vet because otherwise he may suffer from respiratory failure because he cannot breathe through the mouth. So act as soon as possible.


Inflammation in the throat or esophagus can also cause him to sneeze and normally the problem will resolve itself if you give him moist and easy to chew food, such as cat food.

An allergy

Your cat may be allergic to pollen which can give him red eyes and cause him to cough. You can also consult the pollen bulletin to be sure. You will then need to receive antihistamine treatment so that he can stop sneezing in the presence of this allergen.

A sickness

The diseases that can make him sneeze are numerous and you can see if he is sick by looking at his condition, if he shows signs of weakness or fatigue, he is sick, and if nothing passes within 48 hours, take him to the vet.

How to treat a sneezing cat: The final word

Treating a sneezing cat depends on the cause, once it is found, all that remains is to act well to treat your cat.