Where to throw the cat litter? Should it be put in the toilet or in the trash? In this article, I explain everything so that you throw your litter in the right place because throwing it in the wrong place can have serious repercussions on the environment and on the health of many animals outside.

Or not to throw the cat litter?

The first thing is to never flush it down the toilet as litter is not water soluble and you will end up clogging the drains. Worse still, your cat’s droppings can become infected and contaminate waterways with toxoplasmosis because it is resistant to chemical water treatment.

Then, do not throw it in the compost either because apart from the biodegradable models, the litters are not and therefore this solution is not at all suitable.

Where to throw the cat litter?

I will proceed here by types of litter, because there is not a single model and each one has its specifications. It is necessary to differentiate each model because the places where to throw the litter are very different, not all offering the same possibilities.

For mineral and clumping litter

Mineral litter must be thrown into non-recyclable bins in a dedicated bag. This is the most polluting litter. There are bags for litter boxes that prevent the smell from passing through the bin.

For plant litter

Being biodegradable, this type of litter can be thrown into a compost bin without having to be sorted. You can use it for your garden for example.

Where to throw the cat litter: The final word

The cat litter must be thrown in the trash in the one reserved for anything that is non-recyclable. Never flush it down the toilet, it would be a disaster. But each type of litter has its specificities and you must take the right steps for each one.