A slimy drooling cat can do so for different reasons. In this article, I explain how to differentiate between normal causes and abnormal causes, and what to do if something is not normal.

Sticky drooling cat: Normal if he is happy

If your cat drools when he’s happy or relaxed, there’s nothing wrong with it. If it happens when he plays, when he sleeps, when he is excited, for example by the sight of a bird. So everything is normal. You don’t have to worry, but make sure he doesn’t drool on the couch or on the bed.

Abnormal causes

A cat can have slimy drool for several reasons, here is the complete list with for each the means to recognize it and how to act to solve the problem.

The stress

Stress can cause your cat to drool in this way, so if you detect signs of tension or fear, it’s important to find out where the problem is coming from by observing your cat’s behavior and removing the source of his stress. If a change has appeared in his life, he will stress until he gets used to it, which takes about 30 days.

An oral disease

Does your cat have red or swollen gums? He has a dental infection and needs to go to the vet. A cat with dental problems will also tend not to eat or drink.

An intoxication

Household products, contaminated prey, food that is not suitable for him ( chocolate type )…. There are many sources of poisoning and if your cat stops eating and is weak, he may be poisoned. You will need to go to the vet if the problem does not go away for 48 hours.

A wound

Mouth injuries are easy to see. If he has one, sanitize him and reward him afterwards so he can associate it with a reward and be more collaborative. But if nothing changes and the infection gets worse, take him to the vet.

A foreign body

There too, it is easy to see if an object is stuck in his mouth. Here are two possibilities: The first is when the sinking of the object is superficial, in which case you can remove it alone by disinfecting afterwards.

If the object is deeply inserted, go to the veterinarian because you could hurt it by inserting it even more.

A bad food

Food that is poorly digested or harmful to him will make him drool slimy and you should never give it back. You can check on the internet if what you gave him is good for him. If nothing changes favorably, you will have to go to the veterinarian.

A sickness

There are many diseases that can cause your cat to drool slime. If your cat seems weak, tired, listless, then head to the vet.

Sticky drooling cat: The final word

The causes being very numerous, it is vital to clearly identify the possible cause and to act accordingly if the cause is abnormal.