If your cat is sneezing, there are many solutions to put an end to this problem, here are all the solutions at your disposal to put an end to it. Obviously, if no solution is enough to make the sneezing pass, then the veterinarian will be essential because a pathology will then be at the origin of the problem.

Sneezing cat: natural remedies

Cat sneezing problems can be solved with the following natural solutions:


Using the steam will allow him to ventilate his respiratory tract and consequently to act on his nasal problems. You will need a saucepan, bring it to a boil and put the steam that emerges within reach of the cat’s nostrils.

Doing it several times a day is recommended, but sometimes you will have to hold your cat close to the pan, and don’t forget to reward it afterwards so that it associates this moment with something pleasant.

Foods that do not irritate the throat.

Forget kibble and other dry foods that will only keep feline sneezing going. Instead, give him moist, chewy, warm food to make the passage through the esophagus as pleasant as possible. For example crushed mash or sardines, in addition he will love them.

Luke warm water

Warm water is preferable, also because it is softer for the throat, you can add chicken juice or tuna oil to it so that he loves it.

Of honey

Honey is excellent for us when we have sore throats, and it’s the same for the cat who will sneeze less and less from the moment honey is given to him regularly.

Vegetable oils

Certain vegetable oils make it possible to act on the feline problem. I advise you to go to a pharmacy to get the best advice. Olive oil at the rate of 3 half spoons per week which will no longer bring many benefits to the cat.

Coconut oil

This oil will help him against coughs and will also act on his immune system. For old cats, this is the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Give him Omega 3 and 6

Present in oily fish, they will also help against the cat’s cough. Fish oil contains it in good proportions. Omega 3 and 6 have many positive effects on the health of the cat, especially in the joints.

Food supplements

In liquid form, which will help him breathe better and heal faster. Food supplements are available in drugstores.

The sanitizing spray

Sanitizing sprays will give your cat fresher air and allow them to breathe better and therefore healthier air which will make them sneeze less.

Cat sneezing, natural remedies: The final word

Natural remedies for cat cough can sometimes be enough to cure your cat, but in some cases they will be of great help without solving the problem. There you then go to the vet.