Smecta helps to better manage diarrhea and vomiting on our body. But what about the body of cats? Is smecta for cat vomiting recommended? In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about smecta and cats.

Smecta for vomiting cats: What you need to know

Giving smecta to your cat is completely ineffective, whatever the disease you want to treat, whatever the dose you give it. In addition, if your cat is hypersensitive to diosmectite, a substance present in smecta, then he will have serious health problems.

By giving smecta to your cat, several side effects will also be felt, such as constipation and flatulence, or even skin problems.

So there is no reason to give smecta to a vomiting cat, or for any other reason.

I also advise you not to give him medicine for humans because his body is different from ours and he could suffer serious damage by taking it. Instead, go to the pharmacist or the veterinarian.

Medication: Often ineffective

The cat can vomit for many reasons, so if you give him something that is suitable for him and responds to an illness, it is possible that it does not treat the cause, because it can be radically different. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • Intoxication: Household products, intoxicated prey for example. The sources of poisoning are numerous and can make your cat vomit without it being a gastric problem.

  • Food change: With a substance to which he is allergic and to which he should not be exposed, rendering the smecta totally ineffective and irrelevant.

  • Infection: Chronic or acute.

  • Chronic disease: Diabetes or kidney problems among others, especially in older cats.

  • Hairball: If he vomits hair, you know for sure. Cat grass or even veterinary are the only effective solutions, there are also pastes to make hairballs slide in cats.

  • Intestinal parasites: You can also see them in these stools and in his coat and only deworming can get rid of them, followed by a dewormer to avoid any recurrence.

I refer you to this article , which will explain everything you need to do if your cat vomits.

But then what alternatives?

If your cat is vomiting, there are several things you can put in place if the vet isn’t an absolute necessity, here’s everything you can put in place to make her life easier:

  • Provide him with healthy air : Air free of the odor of household products or cigarette smoke and sufficiently cool for him to avoid smells is essential, otherwise he will vomit more easily.

  • Give him suitable food: Warm, moist food that is easy to chew and digest is essential, for example you can give him salmon oil or sardines so that he can eat despite his vomiting.

  • Give him a paste or supplements for his digestive system: To relieve his digestive system, there are pastes recommended for this purpose and which will limit or even eliminate his vomiting. This is the most effective solution for your cat to stop vomiting.

Smecta for vomiting cat: The final word

Smecta is ineffective and dangerous for the cat, and in addition, it will not a priori treat the cause of the problem, which can be caused by many factors. If your cat vomits, find the cause and put in place the appropriate solutions, I refer you again to my article.