If you want to show your cat that you love him, simple petting won’t be enough because it’s all about everything, so here are all the elements that will make your cat know you love him. For each, I will guide you so that you can improve it and that your cat is fused with you.

How to show your cat that you love it?

If you want your cat to know you love her, here’s everything you need to do to make sure. Here are all the habits to get him to love you in his own way.

Water and food

Water and food must first meet several criteria, because these are his primary needs, and if he knows that you are providing for him properly, he will love you:

The water 

It must be fresh, unless he is sick and must always be changed daily, placed in a clean and odorless bowl, preferably wooden if your cat does not like plastic. Ideally, put a water fountain for cats, cats prefer flowing water, a sign of pure water in its natural state. His water bowl should also be personal to him.

You can do even better by occasionally adding some chicken jus or tuna oil to reward him with something good, for example.

Finally, the water must be in a calm and clean place, conditions necessary for him to feel good there. Some cats prefer running water, which is healthier in their eyes, and a cat fountain can sometimes be very useful to encourage them to drink.

The food

Food, like water, should be placed in his personal bowl and in a clean, quiet place so he can feel comfortable there when he eats. The food must always be sufficiently rich in animal protein and shared between kibble and mash, dry and wet food being necessary.

The food should also be age-appropriate, the older the cat, the more suitable the food should be for older cats and the sicker the cat, the easier it should be to swallow and appetizing. Your cat will be grateful to you if he knows that you always feed him correctly.


Of course, cats don’t know what food supplements are, but to give you an example, vitamin B12, which helps to whet the appetite, will allow him to eat better when he is sick.

And he will love certain supplements like omega-3 or fish oil, providing him with enough to compensate for his deficiencies with age will be very pleasant for him and he will know that he can count on you.


Safety is paramount with cats, and if your cat knows you’re keeping them safe, they’ll show you affection in return:

Mental security

Mental security is essential for cats who need to feel unstressed, so a personal quiet corner, nothing to scare him off and reassurance when he’s feeling bad will let him know you’re looking after his well-being.

You can also take him something that felt good, like a cat tree, which will allow him to feel high and have a panoramic view, as he likes so much in the wild.

Mental health also depends on him feeling at home, so leave him alone when he doesn’t want to be disturbed, such as when he’s sleeping. If you disturb him, you will lose his trust. Besides, a cat sleeping on its back in front of you is a sign of strong self-confidence on its part, so never touch its belly.

Physical Security

The physical security of the cat depends on several things. For example, for the physical aspect, it is vital that your cat can be cared for in case of illness and that you ensure that he can have something to rest when he is weak.

Physical security also concerns its basic needs, such as sleeping, a cat must be able to sleep calmly and in good conditions, otherwise it will feel less comfortable in your home. The more physically fit your cat is in your home, the better your cat will feel with you.


The more attention you pay to your cat, the more he will be able to show you his love. Here’s how to give him attention, which varies with age but still holds true:

Play with him

Playing with him makes you bond, especially when he’s a young kitten, so make sure you play with him, with or without toys, and he’ll see you as a playmate and associate you with positive things.

If you don’t have time, you can give him interactive toys like the electric fish or the interactive ball, he will know that you are giving it to him and will be able to play thanks to you.

Cuddle him

Cuddling him is ideal, cats love it, except on his stomach, and the more you cuddle him, the more he will love you, especially when he is young. So make sure that your cat can spend tender moments with you whenever he wants. The younger he is, the more he will need it.

Share positive moments with him

The more your cat spends positive moments with you, the more he will associate you with positive moments. So, make sure he can spend positive moments with you, like snuggling up on the sofa or being with you when he wants, leaving the rooms open.

Signs of affection

The more you show him your affection, the more your cat will like you, so do not hesitate to set up the following habits:

Caress him whenever he wants, which goes back to the previous point, so that he understands your feelings towards him. But there is also another way to show him your affection, and which is used by cats, is to blink slowly while looking at him, which he will understand because it is in his non-verbal language.

And yes, if your cat looks you in the eyes and blinks gently, it’s usually to show you that he loves you, cats do this to each other in the wild to reinforce their belonging to the group.

Good hygiene

Good hygiene is essential for cats and providing them with a clean living environment will boost their confidence in you.

Change your litter every day

The litter must be changed every day so that he can use it properly, and the granules changed regularly. Otherwise, he will defecate elsewhere or not cover them , among other things. He needs to know that you take care of his litter box, especially if he only lives in an apartment.

And know that the litter must be personal to him and that it must above all be adapted to his needs, with a model with a part without rim for old cats for example, and a good level of quality and quantity of granules.

Clean up your environment

A healthy environment is necessary for the cat’s well-being and for it to be able to show you its affection. So if your cat wants to feel good at home, make sure everything is clean, especially its environment.

The bowl and the bowl of water for example, preferably with baking soda to avoid the smells of household products which can poison it. Also, make sure not to use white vinegar, which is a cat repellent .

After that, her cat tree sometimes needs to be cleaned, especially when your cat sheds in the fall. The more you take care of his environment, the more your cat will show you his affection.

Wash it when needed

Your cat doesn’t like to be aggressively cleaned, but he’ll be happy if you get rid of his stubborn dirt, and you can go easy on him with talk or baking soda to clean him up.

For a more intense cleaning, you will need a cat shampoo (never one for humans), with a little warm water and in an environment that he loves, using a calming spray for cats for example. I refer you to this article for a gentle cleaning of the cat.

Toys and accessories

Giving him toys and accessories allows the cat to affiliate you with someone who takes care of training him in his natural instincts and will see you in a way like his mother, especially if he is still very young.

For toys, you can find hundreds of them online , ranging from simple balls to electric toys like mice for example. Giving him toys is also essential if he only lives in an apartment.

For the accessories, like a cat tunnel or a scratching post or a cat bed, they allow the cat to have its own elements to pass its moments when it is alone or you are busy. So make sure that your cat can benefit from its elements so that it feels on its territory and associates you with it. He will see you as a member of his group.

Necessary care

Your cat also needs to know that you’re taking care of his health so he can trust you and give you his love. So if your cat seems ill or has an injury, make sure to get him out of the pain or take him to the vet.

Of course, he won’t like it instantly, but being constantly healthy will allow him to always be able to feel good with you, if he is sick, he will no longer see the home as safe and his relationship with will put you in the background.

Your company

Cats love company, especially when they’re very young, so if your cat spends time with you, they’re bound to bond with you. So when he comes to snuggle with you, let him.

Even better, the bonds between you will be very strong if you sleep together at night, which is not a problem unless you move in your sleep, in which case he will sleep elsewhere .


Cats like to have their privacy, when they sleep for example, leaving him alone when he wants to be is crucial to maintaining his confidence and he will show it to you by expressing his affection to you. Do not disturb your cat, he will be angry with you and will take a dim view of you.

Positive reinforcement

Any reward is a great way to bond with your cat so they love you. For example, if he’s calm and doesn’t mess around, a little treat like fish or a game he loves will help him bond with you.

In addition, it is a very good way to make your cat understand things, because punishing him will inevitably be harmful, making him lose your confidence.

Educate him

This point is valid if you still have a young kitten. Raising him allows him to understand that you are like his mother and is an unstoppable way to make him love you. So teach your cat good habits without punishing it and associating rewards with good behavior and ignorance with bad ones.

How to show your cat that you love it: The final word

Showing his love to his cat goes through many things, he must feel at his best in your home, and by putting everything in place, he will truly feel like your son or your daughter.