And yes, your cat did… He managed to get stuck in a tree. Now we have to help him down. So what to do to bring it down and above all how to avoid any recurrence? I explain everything in this article.

Rescue a Cat Stuck in a Tree: The Causes

A cat does not go into trees at random, climbing trees offers them many advantages and that is why they love to perch there, which is often the case in the wild. So to understand why your tomcat got into such a situation, here are the different causes:

He likes to climb

Cats love to climb and their claws allow them to easily access high places, but the problem is that the cat does not descend as well as it can climb, and sometimes it will get stuck in a tree.

To hunt

Birds are extraordinary food for cats, moreover, they sometimes jump up when they hear a bird, it is also a current problem because domestic cats are ravaging biodiversity.

So if your cat has seen a bird or even several, he will try to hunt it and perhaps the hunt has been successful, but he is now stuck…

For the view

Cats love heights for the panoramic view they offer and your cat, even indoors with their cat tree, will therefore like to go in the trees outside to see the view available to them, even if their sight is not very good.

For the feelings

The smell of wood, the touch of foliage, the multitude of branches, it’s a real treat for your cat, who loves trees, hence their fascination for Christmas trees.   Your cat may see a tree as an endless source of play, especially when young.

What to do ?

I will be clear right away, firefighters no longer intervene to dislodge cats from trees, but many solutions exist. Follow the different steps that I am going to tell you about so that you can remove your cat from the tree on which it is perched.

Stay careful

Do not take a risk by panicking, you will not get things done, your cat will start to stress and above all you could put yourself in danger. So stay calm, don’t worry and stay well with me.

Analyze the situation

Is the tree high, are there many branches, does your cat want to come down? All these questions help to analyze what will work. Because a cat that does not want to come down, for example, must be encouraged, it may even be able to come down from its tree on its own.

Be patient

Do not rush anything, your cat may even be able to do it on its own, if your cat is moving and trying to get down, take something soft and wide to ensure a possible fall, for example a large cushion or even a mattress will allow ensure your cat falls without injury.

Sometimes he can even jump on it if he sees that the object provides enough softness, unlike earth or tar. If there are two of you, take end-to-end coverage so that he can bounce on it if he falls, you will also cover a wide perimeter for his reception.

Also be aware that a cat that falls from a height of two stories is more likely than 3-5 stories because it has less time to get back up and the height is high.

Encourage him to move

If your cat is still, non-starter, entice him with something like a fish treat , something he can see or smell. These toys, especially if they make noise, can help him move.

Sometimes the cat is in the tree and won’t want to come down, so encourage him to do so, but never by throwing something at him that could hurt him when he falls.

Help him with a ladder or other object

A ladder is ideal because it covers a large area and he can at least use the branches to reach it, often it is the trunk that is the problem. If you don’t have a ladder, hand him a wooden plank.

Set up a descent system

For example, nail something on the trunk that serves as a hook, the trunk often poses a problem for the descent of the cat.

Call a pruner

You will have to pay, but the pruner has everything you need for the cat to come down easily, some companies are also specialized in rescuing cats.

If it’s the weekend, call anyway because some freelancers will gladly come and help you on the weekend.

How to avoid relapses?

Normally, your cat will avoid risky new adventures, but just in case, make sure that he can come down on his own next time or that he does not have access to the tree.

Prevent him from accessing it

If the tree is yours, you can protect it by placing a protection on the trunk that will prevent it from climbing it. A wire belt will surround the tree so that he cannot climb it. If you don’t want him to hunt birds, this is the only solution to put in place.

Train it

Clicker training will allow your cat to be able to climb without the risk of being stuck for training. You just have to wrap the first part around the cat and the second around a big branch. Here is an explanatory video.

Don’t cut his claws or mustache or anything

The cat’s whiskers are essential for him to move just like the claws to cling, if you cut them, your cat will be handicapped. Take him a scratching post so that he gets his claws.

Leave him locked up if he’s hurt

If your cat is injured, then it is normal for him to have trouble getting down, so as long as he is injured, leave him inside, especially if he is also wearing a collar which will also hinder movement. for the descent.

Create a custom tree for him

If you have one or more trees in your yard, place hooks there so that your cat can climb it again without risk and that he can come down again on his own.

Rescuing a cat stuck in a tree: The final word

Rescuing a cat stuck in a tree is possible regardless of the height of the tree, you just have to do it well and adapt the solutions to the situation. But make sure he doesn’t get stuck in the trees anymore.