Cats have smell as their main sense, which is 70 times more developed than ours, and sometimes using repellent odors for cats will make it possible to correct a bad behavior of the cat without traumatizing it, and it is therefore the better option. So in this article, I will guide you from A to Z on this subject.

Repellent odors for cats: Point of definition

A cat repellent is a product that emits an odor that cats hate so they can stop behavior that you don’t like. They are used to punish them without traumatizing them.

Cat repellents can be all natural, such as citrus fruits or available in spray form. They work on all cats, regardless of their age, breed, sex, and whether they are neutered or not.

When to use it?

A cat repellent can be used in the following situations:

  • Urinary marking: If your cat urinates everywhere or in a specific place to mark its territory, a repellent will disgust it from the place where it likes to do its business.

  • Scratching: We all know that cats love to scratch on the sofa or furniture, so make your cat stop by putting the repellent on it to stop it.

  • Presence of unwanted cats: If unwanted cats approach your home and go into your yard, a repellent will scare them away.

The different types of cat repellents

There are several types of repellents to scare away or stop a cat from doing something wrong, your cat may be more sensitive to some:

  • Plants  : Some plants have an irritating sap while others have a smell they hate. Herbal cat repellents have the advantage of being natural, and their smell will not bother you.

  • Essential oils  : Repellents based on essential oils are also widely used to disgust cats because they are very sensitive to certain smells, such as lemongrass.

  • Citrus fruits  : Like lemons for example and you can use it directly without having to buy a repellent spray.

What natural repellents for cats?

Many of you prefer natural repellents for cats, and I understand you, because you can apply it directly and without having to buy a spray that may contain harmful substances. So, wait no longer, here are the most effective natural cat repellents:

  • White vinegar  : White vinegar is ideal, because it allows both to clean the place and in addition to disgusting your cat, its smell will remain for a long time and your cat will be disgusted by it. So if your cat has soiled the floor, for example, the white vinegar prevents your cat from urinating again on the bleach, which drives them crazy by reminding them of the smell of cat urine.

  • The mustard and pepper combo  : Mix them with water in a bowl and make sure to place it where you want it, your cat will stay away from it. If you’re not around during the day, this is a perfect way for your cat to stay away all day.

  • Citrus fruits  : Orange and lemon for example, which allows you to proceed as before by diluting it in a bowl of water.

  • Coffee grounds  : This natural anti-odor is very unpleasant for cats and allows them to stay away from a particular place. If your cat urinates in several places, for example, you can easily dispose of coffee grounds in these places.

  • Lavender  : And yes, lavender is hated by cats , so do not hesitate to put it in the desired places.

Or choose it?

Honestly, I advise you to do it at home, the ingredients will be natural and more effective over time than sprays. So, if your cat does something silly, use whatever you already have at home, such as mustard, pepper or even white vinegar for an immediate effect.

Is this a permanent solution?

Repellents allow an immediate result, but do not always treat the source of the problem. For example, for stray cats, it is a permanent solution, but if your cat pees everywhere for example, it will be necessary to deal with the problem at the base and to find the cause (disease, habit…), the same for scratches , taking a scratching post and teaching him how to use it is essential.

Cat repellents: The final word

If you want to use cat repellent I advise you to use homemade items, a lot of sites list sprays on some sites but other than to line their pockets they have no real use.