Putting drops in a cat’s eyes is often a difficult task. He will start gesticulating in all directions or even scratching, but this is not inevitable. In this article, I will guide you step by step to carry out this perilous operation.

How to put eye drops in a cat?

The first thing to do is place him on a table and get behind him so he doesn’t panic. Cuddle him a little so that he is relaxed. Then, tilt his head towards you and put the eye drops in his eyes, leaving 4-5 cm between the drops and his eyes, because getting too close could cause him to bump his eye.

Then dry the cat eye drops that got into his coat and clean the secretions well if he has any around his eyes, going there with great care so as not to hurt him.

Once that’s done, you can offer him a reward to associate with something positive, making it easier the next time because cats don’t like eye drops.

You can also make it easier for yourself by diffusing soothing pheromones that will calm him down, especially if he is naturally agitated. Cats have a very fine sense of smell which is very sensitive to odors, for good or for bad.

What if he won’t let it go?

Before coming to the sedative, being directed by the veterinarian, you must make sure to keep your cat still, if possible with another person, by wrapping it in a towel to prevent it from scratching.

An ideal solution is to use an anti-stress so that he can be 100% relaxed when he takes his drops, by acting on his pheromones, it is a simple way to bring him to a state of relaxation.

Expect him to sulk afterwards but his health takes precedence over his moods and his behavior will return to normal.

Under what conditions is it necessary?

If putting drops in the eyes of the cat is often complicated, there are many cases for which drops for cats are recommended.

Cat eye lotions available in parapharmacies are first of all very useful for eyelid infections and allergies, allowing the area to be cleaned up.

Dry eyes can also be relieved with these products, especially in summer when the cat is in contact with hot, dry air.

The products prescribed by the pharmacist should only be used for the problem for which they were prescribed.

However, do not put water in it, which is not effective and will not please your cat at all.

The final word

Putting drops in a cat’s eyes is less difficult than it seems, it’s all about getting the various things in place so that it can stay calm enough.