Your cat is unmanageable and sticks its muzzle everywhere and especially in plants? Know that there are several solutions to prevent him from taking this bad habit. So how do you prevent a cat from going into the plants? I explain everything in this article to make it stop.

How to prevent a cat from going in the plants?

Cats that go into plants find it beneficial for several reasons, such as purging themselves , defecating or even playing. So, even if your cat is very turbulent, put these solutions in place so that he can stay away from the slopes.

And never punish your cat because he is not able to understand why you are doing this and your relationship will be broken because he will lose your trust.

Act out of disgust

Cats have a sense of smell 70 times better than us and it is very sensitive, you can use it to disgust it from going into plants. Here’s how to do it easily.

Citrus fruits

Cats hate citrus smells, you can spray it or put cut citrus fruits directly into the plants. Your cat will be totally disgusted with it and will move away so as not to suffer the smell that is so repugnant to them. A lemon, for example, will revulse it easily and keep it out of the plants.


It’s the same principle, cats hate spices and you can put it on plants to keep your cat away naturally and disgust it. The spices will be more discreet than the citrus fruits.

The coffee grounds

The smell is not so repugnant as the previous ones for him, however when he licks his paws, he will not like the taste and he will eventually stop going to the plant lands. Coffee grounds are also good for plants.

An air sprayer

With a motion-sensing model, the air sprayer will repel your cat by activating when it approaches. The only catch is that if you have an aggressive cat, it may go after it.

Unpleasant elements

Plastic forks, for example, will be very unpleasant for your cat when it goes into the plants and it will quickly move away from them. The idea is that when he walks in the plants, he goes away on his own and is no longer tempted to return.

Cat repellents

Ideal solution to keep the cat away from plants, because they are tailor-made to disgust cats without disgusting you and will keep the cat away from plants.

Manage your diet

If your cat goes to the grass to purge, they go there out of necessity, so here’s how to make sure they don’t purge there anymore, especially if the plants you have are toxic to cats.

Give him catnip

Catnip allows him to purge himself and he won’t need to go to plants if he has them available. So make sure he can purge himself at any time with what you give him.

Make sure he eats enough fiber

Cats can dig into plants to eat for lack of fibre, so check that their diet is sufficient at this level. Fiber-rich croquettes will help to compensate for this. If your cat is constipated, then it is low on fiber.

Feed him enough

A cat that doesn’t eat enough will try to eat whatever feels right to it, so make sure it eats enough, especially if it’s an indoor cat that doesn’t hunt and eat outside.

Plants sometimes taste good and if your cat is hungry he may decide to eat from them, especially if he is young.

Manage your activity

For cats, especially young ones, plants are seen as a game, and they will often go there to exercise. You must therefore ensure that he can channel his energy otherwise.

Give him games for fun

In case of boredom, play with him and make sure he has games at his disposal such as a food puzzle or a cat wheel which will allow him to spend his energy elsewhere and which in addition will be much more preferred to him than the plants.

Redirect his attention

When he goes into the plants, divert his attention to something he prefers like play or food and reward him, and on the contrary when he goes into the plants anyway, ignore him. This solution applies especially to the youngest cats.

Teach him to use the litter box

Young cats sometimes have the annoying habit of using the plant pot to relieve themselves. Here’s what to do if your cat goes into the plants to relieve themselves.

Don’t punish him

Do not punish them but rather redirect them to the litter box so that they understand that they must do their business there. Punishing a cat will only lower their trust in you and damage the relationship you have with each other.

Reward good behavior

When they use the litter make sure to reward them so they can get used to it and have them scratch the pellets so they can understand what it is for, they need to familiarize themselves when they are still youth.

Check the litter

Finally, check that your cat has a good quality litter box so they can use it with 5-7cm of pellets and good quality pellets as well as an open litter box.

Place the litter in a quiet, clean place so that he can feel good there.

To help him head for the litter, diffuse pheromones there that act on his sense of smell and attract him naturally.

How to prevent your cat from going in the plants: The final word

If your cat goes into the plants, you can use these solutions to prevent it from starting again. But after protecting access to the plants, properly correct the underlying cause if there is one.