The pads of the cat are very sensitive and can suffer problems, if your cat has one or more raw pads, here are the causes and above all I will explain to you how to react to treat it definitively.

Pad of the cat alive: The causes and their solutions

The causes of pad problems can be multiple, such as cuts or swelling, so here is why your cat has raw pads and especially how to react for each cause. I will also do what is necessary for you to discern the precise cause of the problem.

Strong climate change

If your cat comes and goes from outside to inside and it’s very cold outside, her pads may crack and the skin may be raw . So in this case, it is vital that he no longer goes outside and that you leave him in a temperate environment.

If the solution does not evolve quickly, make sure that he can go to the veterinarian, and above all, make sure that your cat is protected with, for example, protective socks that will keep his pads protected while waiting for the visit.

An irritating surface

If your cat walks on pieces of glass or very cold or very hot gravel, his paws will inevitably be raw, so here too, spare him this type of surface as far as possible by placing cat repellents on it. , normally the cat will avoid going there because of the pain it may suffer.

If he continues to go there, going to see a behaviorist can make him understand that he should no longer walk on substances that are too rough, and here too, the veterinarian will be essential if the pads are really raw.

An injury that got worse

If your cat has an injury that has worsened in the pads, go see the veterinarian as soon as possible so that it can heal quickly because the area can still get worse and become necrotic with serious consequences and surgery. essential.

Do’s and Don’ts

It is absolutely necessary that he can make sure not to touch his pads and to keep them in a good state, protected from irritations, for this, make sure that he can have socks to protect the pads from the cat.

On the other hand, avoid classic solutions such as cat balm or cat antiseptics which can hurt the cat very much depending on the level of the problem. Wait for the advice of the veterinarian before acting and to prevent the wounds from getting worse for your cat’s raw pads.

Pad of the lively cat: The word of the end

If your cat has raw paw pads, it’s vital that he can heal quickly, and I would recommend going to the vet if the condition is really bad. Raw pads are not to be taken lightly. In the meantime, protective socks will keep the area minimally under control.