And yes, your cat no longer sleeps with you, and yet nothing has happened between you that makes him offended. So why does my cat no longer sleep with me? In this article I tell you everything you need to know so that you understand and above all that you sleep with your cat again.

My cat no longer sleeps with me: The different causes

Your cat used to sleep with you and you loved it, maybe even dreamed of it . If you now sleep without your cat, he is running away from you for one of the following reasons:

You move when you sleep

If you move in your sleep, your cat will not like it because it already wakes him up, it can scare him, but above all it puts him in danger, depending on how you move, if you fall on him while he is sleeping he can be seriously injured.

So be careful at night so he doesn’t have to worry about you falling on him anymore, you can sleep on a special pillow that holds his head in place and watch your movements at night by filming you sleeping.

If you move when you go to the toilet, be more careful and don’t make too much noise to avoid scaring your cat. The calmer you are, the more he will enjoy sleeping with you.

A matter of temperature

Cats like temperate environments and are very sensitive to cold. And in winter, a temperature that is too cold will make him go to another room or near a radiator to warm up. Sleeping with you will not be enough to keep him warm.

In summer maybe the opposite, your human warmth plus the warmth of the room will make him want to sleep in another cooler place, even outside if he has the possibility. Room warmth is important to cats , either way.

The height of the bed

Again, the height depends on several criteria depending on the age of the cat. For a young or not too old cat, sleeping in height is a must, it is a reflex of wildlife to have a panorama of their environment and sleep without danger.

If you have just bought him a cat tree, for example, he will love sleeping in it and may leave the bed to sleep there at night.

Moreover, for an old cat, it is the opposite the bed is perhaps too high for his joints, which is not inevitable, for example, olive oil or special croquettes in will improve efficiency.

He is afraid of something

Your cat may be afraid of something in the room, for example, if you have a new animal or a new partner, it will have to get used to it because it will probably be afraid to sleep near it, not knowing if it is safe or not.

Know that it takes on average a period of 30 days to get used to the change. But if this source of fear is really problematic, such as a snake-like object, remove it from the room because he will be too afraid of it.

He doesn’t want to share

If a newcomer has arrived, he will not want to share with him and it will take time for him to accept it. So if your cat is pissing you off about a new addition to the household, make sure they have a good time together.

He’s sick

When sick, your cat will want to stay closer to its litter box or food. If you see him weakened he probably has a health problem, which will have to be corrected if he does not pass quickly.

A new smell

Cats are very sensitive to odors, if you have diffused insecticide in the room or even perfumes, they will probably hate it even in small doses and will flee to go to sleep in a room with healthier air.

He changes his sleeping habits

In summer, for example, he may prefer to spend his nights outside to hunt, the temperature there being much better for him. You can therefore ensure that he can join you by leaving the window open if this does not pose a security problem.

If, for example, you are much less present during the day, he will prefer to sleep there and be active when there is someone present at his home, especially if he is very sociable. That doesn’t mean he’s not with you at night, but he’s not sleeping there all night.

Generic solutions

To convince your cat to come back to sleep with you, there are several solutions you can put in place to make your bed irresistible for his sleep:

Diffuse calming pheromones

The calming pheromones will attract your cat and you can bring him back with their scent. Bach flowers have similar effects, acting on their brains and being irresistible to cats.

Positive reinforcement

Spending tender moments with him in bed will make him associate this place with something ideal for resting. To go even further, you can also cuddle him in bed to create a positive moment too.

Be careful however not to play with him or feed him or he will wake you up to eat and play.

Put him things he likes or even his personal corner in the room

Here, you are almost sure that the cat will come to sleep with you, but it is quite risky, because it can make its life and be noisy during the night. For the litter, baking soda will not suffer from odors.

For toys, I recommend leaving them somewhere else, especially potentially noisy ones that can wake you up if your cat gets up before you do, which is very possible.

My cat no longer sleeps with me: The final word

If your cat stops sleeping with you, don’t feel guilty and make sure that he has the right conditions to come back to sleep with you during the night. Cats like to sleep in the bed so it’s a pretty simple thing to get them to come back on their own.