If your cat no longer defecates, there can be several causes behind this problem, so here are each of them, how to recognize them, and above all how to fix the problem whatever the cause of this problem for your cat.

My cat no longer needs: The causes and their solutions

If your cat no longer defecates, here are the different causes that can lead to it and the solutions to put in place once the cause has been recognized.

A poor diet

Poor nutrition mainly concerns indoor cats, because outside, cats will often hunt prey, bringing them wet food and food very rich in protein. But indoors, those who are fed only kibble will have transit problems and sometimes will not be able to poop. In this case, it will be necessary to ensure that your cat can have a diet that is also soft and rich in fiber.

For immediate relief, a little olive oil may be enough to unblock the situation and allow your cat to poop again. As for fiber, eat plenty of non-human foods, as it can harm him.

A lack of hydration

If your cat does not drink enough, it will have a less efficient transit, because the stools will be less softened, so make sure that your cat can hydrate with water that is changed every day and if possible flowing, perceived as best by cats. You can take a cat water fountain.

If tap water smells too harsh to your cat’s eyes, he’ll reject it too, and you can try mineral water to convince him to drink it. The chemicals in tap water help make it healthy and are not perceived by our sense of smell, but that of the cat is much more developed.

Physical activity

Here too, it is still indoor cats that are the most affected, because they cannot cover large surfaces, and a cat that is too sedentary will have more frequent constipation. So if your cat is too soft, encourage him to play, and even when you’re not around with, for example, electronic toys and a cat wheel.

You can also ensure that your cat can exercise a minimum when eating with a food puzzle for example or a food maze.

Finally, if your cat is elderly, give him food or supplements that will allow him to support his joints and give him games that will not strain him so that he can move a little, which is essential at his age. .

Hair ball

Does your cat cough like he’s going to vomit? In this case, it is very likely that your cat has stuck hairball problems. Be careful, because removing it yourself can cause serious problems for it if it gets attached to an organ. However, you can arrange for your cat to drink olive oil or a dietary supplement to loosen them.

Catnip is also necessary if he lives indoors, because it allows him to purge himself and pass the hairballs.

Foreign body

The problem here is quite similar to hairballs, except that your cat may be injured if the object is sharp. So if he seems to be in pain and tries to defecate without succeeding, go to the vet because the problem may be due to a foreign body.

The stress

Is your cat aggressive, is he afraid of something? In this case, stress is probably the cause of his inability to poop, and you will need to calm your cat down by finding the cause of the stress.

If it is legitimate, it will have to be removed, and in the case where it is a novelty, always very stressful for cats, it will have to get used to, like a new apartment or a newcomer to the home.

Cats that come from shelters are often more sensitive to stress, by their experience, and if yours has experienced a trauma, it can cause him a lot of stress if something reminds him of it.

His litter box is dirty

Cat litter should always be clean, and changed weekly and daily for excrement, cats are very hygienic. They are also very territorial, and the litter should be their own.

Finally, if your litter box has poor quality or strong smelling pellets, your cat may also stop pooping, ditto if you clean it with chemicals instead of natural ones like baking soda.

So if you see that your cat is doing very well but on the other hand, these criteria are not met, make sure to make the right changes so that your cat re-uses its litter box to poop.

Gastrointestinal injury

A cat that seems to be in pain, it will generally be amorphous, may have wounds in the intestines, if in doubt, if your cat is in a lot of pain for example, your cat potentially has this problem and a visit to the veterinarian is strongly recommended.

A hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can cause this problem, so if your cat is behaving strangely, see the vet so he can receive proper treatment.


Obesity can also cause problems for your cat, especially in terms of transit, preventing it from exercising properly. So make sure to make him lose weight by giving him a little less food, for example (can it be radical) while making him exercise with dedicated toys. A food puzzle is also recommended so that he spends a little and manages his diet better.

Kidney disease

If your cat is also unable to pee, the problem is probably renal, and going to see the veterinarian is essential because kidney failure, for example, is the first cause of death for cats.

My cat no longer poops: The final word

If your cat no longer defecates, pay attention to the causes that can cause this problem and act according to those that affect your cat.