If your cat no longer eats, vomits and sleeps a lot, there can be several reasons, detecting it is the first thing to do to be able to start implementing the right solutions. So without further ado, here is why your cat has this problem and especially how to react to this problem.

My cat stops eating and vomits and sleeps a lot: When should I take her to the vet?

Before seeing how you can help your cat, know that your cat must go to the veterinarian after 48 hours and 24 hours if he is really young or on the contrary very old, because his immune system will be weaker and the diseases possibly worse. .

The causes

Several causes can be at the origin of the problem, here are the most common of them, for each we explain how to act to cure your cat and prevent its condition from getting worse.


The first cause is inflammation, often in the throat and gums, which will often be bright red or even black. Your cat will no longer eat because of the pain that food and even water will cause him if it is too cold.

He will sometimes even vomit either food because of the pain, or even bile on an empty stomach if his throat really hurts too much.

Finally, he does not necessarily sleep a lot but rests as if he were sleeping, a bit like when we are sick, the time to get better, and may even start purring to camouflage the pain.

And in this case, you will have to make sure you can feed him while waiting for the visit to the vet and to do so without making him vomit. So make sure to give him a food that he loves, warm and easy to chew or even liquid like salmon oil.

You can bring his food closer to him if he is too weak to move.


Coryza can also pose this problem, if your cat has wheezing for example or is sneezing and has a fever

Coryza should also lead you to see the veterinarian, and in the meantime make sure that he has fresh, odorless air because he cannot breathe through his mouth.

An infection

If it is located on the gums, then very red or black or on the teeth, he will have difficulty eating because of the pain, and the irritation may also cause him to vomit, So there too, make sure to facilitate his food intake and especially take him to the veterinarian if nothing passes quickly, at the risk that he loses his teeth .

You can also sanitize his mouth with a soothing spray that will limit the development of the infection.


Stress can also cause this problem, so if your cat is very reactive to the slightest noise or movement or is hiding, this is probably the problem. In this case, except if your cat comes from a shelter, in which case a behaviorist can be useful, you will need to identify the cause of this stress, which can come from a change or a justified fear.

In the first case it is vital to get him used to it, you can use a pheromone spray to immediately calm him down and help him adapt to change, but you can also, in the second case, eliminate what is causing his stress, such as noise or agitation in his personal corner, he will then have to be moved.


Your cat may be in pain, and be careful, because the pain is not necessarily visible, it could be internal pain, so touch his body gently if he has pain in a specific place and act quickly to see a veterinarian if nothing passes quickly, because in the most serious cases it can be internal bleeding caused by a fall, among other things.

In the meantime, make sure he can be in the necessary comfort so as not to aggravate his injury.


A mouse that he would have eaten outside for example and which could contain rat poison, if your cat drools , he may have this problem, in any case, he will be very weak and will have to go see a veterinarian quickly .

He’ll cough a lot if he’s been poisoned, and indoor cats aren’t necessarily spared, as some plants are toxic to cats .

Certain medications

If your cat is taking medication, check out the side effects and if any of them show such problems, you will need to change the treatment.

What to do: Generalities 

Several things can be done if your cat suffers from this problem, the first is to always ensure physical comfort and fresh air, without the smell of cigarettes or household products, for example.

Also make sure he can feed himself, the young is not recommended for cats over several days. Hot, moist or even liquid food is recommended so that he can eat without vomiting.

Then, to help him get better, you can use a pheromone spray so that he can be naturally relaxed, as cats are very receptive to smells.

What will the vet do?

He will first ask you questions about your cat, all the details that allow him to make an accurate diagnosis are good to take, such as the duration of the problem, the history… You can also film your cat when he vomits for him give more details during the consultation.

He will then examine the cat and make sure to provide him with appropriate treatment. If necessary, he will give him an MRI and x-rays.

My cat no longer eats and vomits and sleeps a lot: The final word

If your cat has this problem, put in place the three necessary pillars: easy-to-swallow food, healthy environment and physical and mental comfort. Of course, if nothing happens or if your cat is weak, taking him to the vet is more than recommended.