Does your cat no longer drink or eat? It is normal to worry, after all, our dear felines are not made not to drink and eat for a long period of time, so here are all the causes that can cause this problem and for each one how react. Follow the leader !

My cat no longer drinks or eats: The causes

Your cat no longer drinks and no longer eats for a specific reason, here are the main reasons that will force your cat to no longer drink and no longer eat, for each one, I will explain to you what you need to put in place so that your cat can drink and eat normally again.

Unsuitable food

If the food does not suit him, it is vital to change it, be careful, I am not talking about a simple whim, but a real problem related to food.

To start, first check that the food is good in terms of its moisture level, for example, if it only eats kibble, it may over time have a sore throat too much to ingest anything. whatever, and don’t forget that too dry food can lead to kidney and heart problems with age, so add wet food like traditional mash, which is essential for him, especially if he doesn’t hunt not and does not have access to animal protein outside.

Then, pay attention to the edibility of water and food, the water must be changed every day and expired food should never be given to the cat, the same for mash that has been open for a long time.

Bad bowl and bad bowl

The second thing that can kill your cat’s appetite and thirst is a problem with the bowl and the bowl, and believe me, there are more than one.

First of all, make sure to give your cat a bowl and a wooden bowl or in a material that your cat likes, if you have swapped the old ones for a plastic model, he may reject it because of the smell or touch.

Then, wash the bowl properly, never with household products that are repugnant to cats but rather with water and baking soda that will not cause any olfactory problems.

Finally, if these two elements are dirty, they will not want to drink and eat from them, cats are very hygienic animals, it is not for nothing that your cat licks itself so many times a day.

bad location

Location is also important, as it is the location that determines whether the cat will feed or not. He needs a calm, clean, and personal place where all his elements are gathered (with the litter a little further), otherwise, the conditions will not be suitable for him to feed.


Stress has a terrible effect in cats, and non-feeding is one of them, so you need to find the cause of the stress and remove it. Little tip, if your cat is very reactive and aggressive or on the contrary fleeing, he is stressed.

Cats can have legitimate fears that will have to be addressed at the source so that they are no longer confronted with them. In many cases, it is the change that causes so much stress for cats and they have to get used to being well again, recreating a personal corner for them and reassuring them can speed things up.

You can make it easier for yourself with a stress spray so he can be calm in seconds, even if it’s just a way to deal with stress and not the root of the problem.

Regarding the fact of taming it with another animal or a new spouse for example, make sure that they have a good time together by going there gradually so as not to shock it. If it’s a new animal that can be prey for the cat in the wild or the other way around, go with great care.

The sharing

Never, oh never, should a personal corner be needed for two cats, each must have their own space to be able to feed themselves, the bowls and bowls must be individual and with only their smell, cats being very territorial.

In uncastrated/neutered cats, fights can even occur for the conquest of the territory.


If your cat shows signs of additional weakness, such as fatigue or vomiting, he is sick, often the problem is in the throat or gums, but the possibilities of illness are so numerous that it is essential to consult a veterinarian after 48 hours, or even 24 hours for very young and old cats.

Illnesses can range from plant poisoning to coryza to dental disease.

A mere whim

Yes, it can also seem like a pure whim, if for example, your cat knows that by snubbing his food he can get better, he won’t eat his. Never give in to whims and let him meow as much as he wants, he will eventually understand that he must eat his food and drink his water.

The earlier a cat is educated , the less likely it will be to fuss to get the food or water it wants. Conversely, if your cat is already an adult, you will need more time for him to start eating and drinking what you give him and not his demands.


Perhaps your cat has stuffed itself, whether at home or outside with a delicious wild rabbit, for example. In this case, it is normal that he does not feed. Always make sure to give him food regularly and in normal quantities, cats are designed to eat often but in small quantities.


With age, cats eat less often and more at these meals, your cat may even only eat and drink once a day, as he is not expending any energy. So if your cat is very old, wait a bit before worrying, he should start eating again.

And if your cat is older, don’t put their food and water up high, as your cat may have osteoarthritis issues and have difficulty drinking and eating, which may cause them to stop trying if they is very weak.

When to call the vet?

If you have done everything necessary to put everything in place and he still does not touch his water and his food, then you must go to the vet quickly, especially if your cat shows signs of weakness such as tiredness.

Your veterinarian will start by auscultating him and will ask you several questions, he may also request additional examinations if the problem is not noticeable. He will then give you a suitable treatment so that your cat who no longer eats or drinks will get back to it again.

General measures

If your cat no longer drinks or eats, here are some tips that apply for the entire life of the cat and will also extend its life expectancy, preventing it from many diseases related to its diet.

For the food

Let’s start first with food, here are the different things to put in place to optimize its food intake and ensure good health:

A good wet/dry ratio

Cats need wet and dry food as far as dry food is concerned, it is essential because it allows carbohydrates to be fed through kibble and dry food is very good for the teeth, especially to eliminate the formation of tartar.

But wet food is also essential to avoid the formation of kidney and heart problems and to ensure that your cat ingests allows him a good ratio, 1/3 of his food must be wet to ensure that he has everything which he needs.

If your cat hunts, it already has a part of its wet food taken from outside with birds or rodents, mainly composed of water. It is therefore normal for him to drink and eat less after having spent the night outside, for example.

A diet rich in protein

The cat needs a much higher protein diet proportionally than ours, unlike carbohydrates. So if your cat does not hunt prey, make sure that its diet has enough protein. For example, you can find protein kibbles or foods that are naturally higher in protein.

Choosing the right fish

If you like to give fish to your cat , I have already dedicated an entire article to this subject. So choose wisely how you give fish to your cat, paying attention first of all to the bones and the mercury content.

If the bones are easily detectable, as far as mercury is concerned, avoid predators such as tuna and prefer sardines or salmon, which are even available in oil form in cats. For example, you can sprinkle it on kibble to make it better, more protein-rich and softer, killing three birds with one stone.

Beware of dangerous elements

There are dangerous elements in food, some foods are not at all suitable for them, so avoid them and find out what else you can give your cat. For example, chocolate is very dangerous for them.

Also be careful with your plants, which can be toxic to them, you can check online if your plant is potentially dangerous for him.

Choose a good frequency

It’s best to give your cat just enough food, otherwise it could binge and end up obese. But on the other hand, give him to eat regularly, at least in the morning and in the evening if you work.

For water

For water the rules are elementary, but if you want your cat to avoid not drinking, here is everything you can put in place

fresh water

The first thing is to give it sufficiently cool water, because cats prefer it, except when they are sick, especially at the level of the gums, cool water. Changing it every day is essential so that it is suitable for consumption, otherwise they will probably refuse it anyway, feeling that it is impure, but better not take any risk and make sure that it is always so.

A flowing water

Dripping water is not essential but it will entice your cat to drink as it will be considered healthier than standing water which, it must be said, is generally unhealthy in this state in nature. . Even cats retain this natural instinct.

For this, a water fountain is ideal because it will constantly trickle water, even if your cat may like to play with it and put it everywhere if he is still a little crazy at his age.

A mineral water

There, it is also a simple improvement but which can greatly help your cat in the event that he is sick, because his smell will be naturally healthier for him and mineral water will always be better for him, do not forget that their sense of smell makes them smell things that escape us, especially with regard to tap water and mineral water.

My cat no longer eats or drinks: The final word

A cat that no longer drinks or eats should always be monitored and you should put a word on this problem, and if necessary take it to the vet, but never forget that good natural methods are usually enough to end the problem.