If your cat attacks you when you scold it, all you need to do is make some adjustments after understanding the causes. In this article, I explain everything you need to know about this behavior and especially how to act so that your cat stops attacking you without punishing it.

My cat attacks me when I scold it: The causes and their solutions

If your cat attacks you when you scold him, he’s not doing it for nothing, here’s everything you need to know about this behavior and how to stop it.

He is afraid

The first cause is fear, especially if he’s young, so make sure you don’t scare him too much when you scold him and never get physical with him. It is vital that he can understand without being afraid, otherwise his trust in you will be destroyed.

If, for example, you yell in his ears, he will be very scared, don’t forget that his hearing is much more developed than ours, and that their sensitivity is very strong, simple bells can make them deaf.

A frightened cat will have its ears back, dilated pupils and will generally be ready to jump to attack you, it can also start to hiss.

He wants you

Your cat may be mad at you for something, maybe he’s jealous of a newcomer or maybe he’s mad at you for not getting what he wants, especially if he’s hungry . If before being scolded he was looking for something, he is frustrated at not having gotten what he wanted.

The cause of his feeling is related to something, by correcting it at the root, he will stop being aggressive towards you and will not over-react to your aggression.

If his resentment is legitimate, then make sure not to reproduce your behavior, otherwise, if your cat is capricious because he did not get what he wanted, it will be necessary to educate him to make him understand things.

He has a behavior problem

If your cat is very aggressive for no reason, he may have a behavioral problem and you will need to have him educated by a behaviorist. Because, if your cat has been badly weaned or has a heavy life, it can become very aggressive.

A cat who is always running around, who spends his time eating without being satisfied or who plays with his toys all day, has a behavioral disorder. In this case, it is recommended to take him to the behaviorist so that he can return to normal behavior.

He is not neutered

An uncastrated cat will inevitably be more aggressive, it is essential to castrate it, even if it has access to the outside because it will take much fewer risks and will have a much higher life expectancy by being castrated.

Unneutered cats tend to attack for little, and he will attack you much more than if he were no longer under the influence of his urges.

Deep action is even better

If your cat is attacking you, it is even better to act correctly at all times. For example, you can make sure to play with him more and cuddle him so that they understand that there is no point in attacking him.

When he does something silly, you can also ignore him to make him understand, rather than scolding your cat, so he will be less aggressive towards you.

And when he makes a mistake, raise your voice without shouting if he forces you to upset him, he will understand that it is a sign of authority and not an aggression which can scare him and put him on his guard.

Generic solutions

Educate him

If you want to educate your cat, here is the dedicated article , but be aware that education is basically done by positive association by associating good behavior with a reward and bad behavior with something unpleasant, for example putting it in a room for a few minutes away. For example, if your cat is misbehaving, ignore him until he’s calmed down and shows it to you, and instead give him something he likes if he’s misbehaving.

Don’t punish him

Punishing him will only damage the relationship between you, so be careful not to be physically or mentally violent. Cats do not understand punishments anyway, only positive and negative associations are effective in changing their behavior. Punishment will only cause him to lose his trust in you.

Use repellent

As a last resort, you can use a repellent which will have a negative effect on the cat’s sense of smell and will make it leave, if yours is really aggressive, this is a good way to make it stop. If you don’t have any, then be sure to use citrus fruit, which cats abhor. Don’t overdo it, it’s something that cats are repelled by.

My cat attacks me when I scold it: The final word

If your cat attacks you after you have angered him, clearly identify the cause, you will easily find how to resolve the situation. Remember that punishing a cat is never a good idea, it is better to use gentler methods, especially if it is still very young and its brain picks up everything it experiences.