Cats are very independent animals and can live with great autonomy, but like all animals, they can try to communicate, either by purring or meowing. But it is essential to know how to decipher what he tries to tell you by his meows. Find out what a meowing cat means to better understand it when it starts meowing incomprehensibly.

Meowing cat: What you need to know

In fact, knowing your animal well is crucial because the meowing of a cat is not the same according to the species and the character of your dear and tender feline.

Why is my cat meowing?

There are several reasons that lead a cat to meow, here are the main ones:

  • He wants to eat  : And yes it’s no surprise, cats meow all the time when it comes to eating. Typically, the cat makes a loud, short sound in addition to trying to direct you to where the food is. He may also pet you or purr. He knows how to convince you!

  • Stress  : A very nervous cat can meow to show concern, especially at the vet or in the car.

  • To greet you  : A cat may meow at you to greet you, as if saying hello. Some cats even just purr . It’s a sign that he’s glad you’re here.

  • In heat  : A cat in heat meows a lot and may also cry. It is therefore important to take the necessary precautions.

  • To get attention  : If your cat rubs against you and meows, he may want your attention to play, eat, or sleep with you, for example.

  • It hurts  : A loud, repetitive and continuous and above all unusual meowing is a sign that your cat is in pain. If he repeats his meows and doesn’t seem to be in his best shape, the best thing is to take him to the vet to have him determine the cause of the pain and provide him with proper treatment.

  • To go out  : Cats like to be free to come and go inside the house, so a closed door does not please them and they may meow at you to show their annoyance.

  • Fear  : A cat can express its fear by meowing and can even become aggressive.

  • Old age  : It is not uncommon for cats to meow more and more with age and this may be a sign that certain cognitive functions are impaired by age.

Types of meows

There are three main types of meows, and each cat uses them for specific times and for different purposes. They adapt to different situations to emit their meows:

  • Short and High  : This type of meow signals contentment, it’s usually the one it does when you get home from work. He uses it in particular to greet you.

  • Short and medium  : A short sound often marks hunger, but if it is longer, it can represent other needs, such as changing the litter or changing his water.

  • Long and high  : Your cat emits this type of meow when it is displeased, it is a sign of protest against something and its posture will sometimes be aggressive.

What are you doing to make it meow like this?

The patterns listed above are usually common and they don’t just happen because your pet is adapting to knowing what meowing at you will entail.

  • He associates meowing and reward  : If you always give in to his requests, then he will meow every time he expects something from you, usually food. He associates the meow with his reward and won’t hesitate to use it whenever he wants something.

  • You made him change his environment  : Like moving for example, which stresses him and makes him meow because of the stress.

  • You do not allow him to spend energy  : If you are in an apartment in particular, and you must do everything so that he can spend himself, such as playing with him or offering him games that will make him spend himself. If he accumulates too much energy without expending it, he can meow for hours.

  • The food you give him  : If the food does not suit him, he will meow until you change it.

Look carefully when the cat meows

If you can’t find the cause of your cat’s meow, pay attention to the context in which her meows occur. Does he do it on an empty stomach, at night, when you come home? Does it do anything else like scratch the door, jump…

Also ask yourself if there was something that happened just before he started meowing, such as a move, a change of food…

But what to do ?

If your cat meows constantly, then avoid giving in to all his whims or he will abuse it forever asking you for something.

Make sure he always has what he needs, such as clean litter, fresh water or food.

But if you notice any unusual behavior in your cat, he may meow to express his pain and taking him to a veterinarian will be crucial.

my cat meows

What can I do to stop him meowing?

There are several solutions so that the cat no longer meows, obviously it depends on the context in which the cat is meowing, which you must identify.

  • Meals may be spaced too far apart  : Cats like to eat regularly, rather than eating a lot once or twice a day. Their body makes them need to eat often. For large cats on a diet, spread the food evenly throughout the day even if they need to eat a little less.

  • He doesn’t sleep well: Make sure he has his own space to sleep, quiet and comfortable. There is no shortage of solutions to make him sleep, such as a cat basket, a cat tree, a corner near the radiator or a window sill.

  • He does not have what to have fun: An apartment cat must always have fun in order to exert himself well with, for example, cat toys. You can find plenty of them online and even some that relate to how they eat.

  • Leave him outside more: If your cat has natural access to the outside, make sure he can go out when he wants, especially at night.

  • Many cats don’t get along: Make sure they have their own litter box and bowl and have their own space to avoid turf wars.

What if nothing works?

If you’ve tried everything but your cat keeps meowing, then you’re looking for help to fix the problem.

First, go to the veterinarian who will examine him for any problems. If a problem is detected, he will provide you with treatment.

Then, if no problem is identified by the vet, go to a behaviorist who are experts in all things cat behavior and training.

Special cases

There are often certain peculiarities that surround cat meows, here are the most common.

Cat always meowing

Your cat may meow constantly, sometimes this behavior occurs spontaneously when it was not the case before.

The first reason is that he simply had to be capricious and that they are very eager to communicate everything that happens to them.

When in heat, cats also sometimes meow constantly. This is a time when they are in lack and demand attention and cuddles.

During the breeding season, male cats emit deep and prolonged sounds which are a real love song to attract females. Oriental breeds are much more likely to exhibit such behavior.

Cat meowing at night

When a cat meows only at night, you must make sure that it is justified by physical or psychological discomfort and it meows because it wants attention from you.

Remember that if you give in to his meows, he will meow every night to get gan cause. It’s important that he knows you’re not available at night so he doesn’t keep you up to sleep all the time.

Meowing kitten

When they are very small, kittens meow very often and mainly to attract the attention of their mother.

If you have just welcomed him, you will have to be patient, his behavior will change over time.

New meowing cat

Cats are very sensitive to changes , which they hate, he will have to get used to his new environment to be sure that he stops meowing.

Cat meowing loudly

A cat that meows loudly may be a sign that it wants something wrong, such as an illness or that it desires something very strongly. Check that everything is fine if he meows continuously and go to the vet if necessary.

Cat meowing loudly for no reason

It is probably a pain or an illness and he expresses his pain by his meows. The best is to go to the veterinarian if the meowing lasts.

Angry meowing cat

There too, this can mark a problem in your cat which must be monitored.

Cat meowing after sterilization

For 24 to 36 hours after sterilization, your cat may experience pain that may sound like howling.

Cat meowing in the morning

Your cat may meow early in the morning to get attention, he is ready to expend all the energy he stores and wants to go out or on the contrary wants to eat.

meowing cat

Cat that meows when he wants to relieve himself

Several possibilities can create meows.

Your cat may do this instinctively to ward off predators just as it would in the wild.

They can also tell you that they are in the bathroom.

Finally, they may suffer from urinary tract infections or painful stools.

Cat meowing for no reason

There is always a reason why a cat meows, and if it seems like no reason to you, it is very likely that your cat is sick.

Cat meowing at night islam

In Islam, a cat that begins to meow at night is a sign that it manages to see Jinns.

Cat that meows all night

A cat that meows all night can reveal a health problem or a lack (food, water). It is essential that the problem be solved.

Cat meowing while sleeping

Cats dream and they can meow while they are in the middle of their dream. The cat may even kick, jerk, cry and moan.

Cat meowing outside at night

It’s likely that he wants to come home, even if he asked you out a few hours ago.

Cat meowing to get out

If he’s the type to make a comedy of going out and then keep coming back to ask to come in, give him access to the outside so he can move around without needing you. Otherwise, just let it out, if it’s not dangerous of course.

Cat meowing without sound

A voiceless cat probably has problems with the vocal cords or larynx.

Meowing cat in car

The cat is probably stressed by this environment that he does not know and does not like. You can use valerian toys, catnip or pheromone sprays which have a similar effect.

Cat meowing like a baby

Cats are smart, when hungry they can make baby-like sounds to get what they want.

Cat that meows when alone

He feels lonely and bored, looking for company.

Cat meowing while eating

It’s a sign of pain, maybe he has a problem with his digestion. If the problem recurs, calling the veterinarian is mandatory.

Cat that meows when touched

Usually it’s because your cat likes it and lets you know.

Cat that meows when spoken to

He understands that you are talking to him and therefore communicates with you.

Meowing and purring cat

Your cat is happy.

The final word

Meowing can mean many things, now you know why your cat is meowing and how to react to it.