Wondering if letting your cat sleep outside is a good idea? In this article, I explain everything you need to know so that he can sleep outside in the best conditions.

Let your cat sleep outside: What you need to know

Letting your cat sleep outside involves many things, here is everything you need to know if your cat wants to spend the night outside without being endangered.

Wait at least 4 weeks

If you have a new cat, he will need a period of adaptation which takes about a month, after this period, you can let him go out without him coming back because he will understand where his home is and will have enough confidence. in you to come back.

Avoid when cold

In winter, I strongly advise you not to let him sleep outside because he can freeze to death, make sure to leave him if it’s at least 10 degrees to take maximum precautions. When it’s hot, he shouldn’t suffer because at night it rarely gets above 30 degrees and cats tolerate the heat well.

Shelter him

You can also buy a cat shelter if you have any doubts about the outside temperature, allowing him to take shelter when needed. He can shelter there to sleep, especially when it starts to rain, which cats hate.

Be careful if he is not neutered

If your cat has not been neutered, he may approach other territories to impregnate and may fight with feral cats against which he has no chance of winning and may seriously injure himself. Make sure he’s sterilized before you let him out at night.

Deworm him

Parasites are everywhere in nature, and when they reach the body of cats, carnage begins, as they bite, reproduce and absorb nutrients from the cat causing severe damage that can lead to the death of the cat. feline.

But what does he do at night?

If cats don’t do much indoors during the day, it’s quite the opposite during their nocturnal journey. He will inspect his territory, probably mark it by urinating on it and especially hunt prey during the night like mice.

Indeed, at night, the rodents are out and your cat can take advantage of its night vision to chase them away. In the morning, you can sometimes see its prey in front of the door or in the garden.

If he is not neutered, he will also try to mate and the cat howls you hear at night may be his.

The exception: If a busy road is nearby

At night cats can get run over as they are not visible and blinded by headlights and so avoid leaving them outside at night if you live next to a busy road.

Leaving your cat outside at night: The final word

Letting your cat sleep outside at night is not a problem on three conditions: that it is sterilized, that it is warm enough and that there are no busy surrounding roads during the night.