If you want to leave your kitten alone, you will have to put a lot of things in place to make sure everything goes well. I explain how to achieve this by putting in place everything that is necessary for its well-being.

Leaving your kitten alone during the holidays: The to do list

Leaving a kitten alone is already a perilous task, because the younger he is, the less time he has to be alone and it is advisable never to leave him alone for more than 8 hours when he is very young, and during the holidays this can put it in a bad way to cause serious health problems.

You will therefore have to put in place several things so that everything goes well for him, both physically and mentally.

Ensure your safety

Kittens stick their noses around and aren’t aware of what they’re doing, so make sure he can be safe by closing cupboards, windows, unplugging outlets, and isolating anything dangerous to him. .

Make sure he has fun

The ideal is a cat wheel in which he can run for hours, but there are many other toys that will allow you to exercise while you are away. Toys will allow him to hone his natural predatory instincts and channel his energy into something other than the couch or the curtains.

You can also put the television on the animal program so that he can have a feeling of presence, do not put it too loud so as not to prevent him from sleeping, especially if he usually sleeps close to the television.

Water and food available

Kibble dispenser and water fountain will ensure that he always has enough drinking water and food available. But still give it a try when you’re around to make sure he doesn’t jump on the fountain and that he understands how to get food from the kibble dispenser.

Presence is essential

Unfortunately, leaving a cat alone continuously during the holidays has a terrible mental effect on him, you can ask someone or a catsitter to come with him at least once a day so that he can have a daily presence. to play and comfort him.

Good hygiene is necessary

Clean his litter well before leaving because a dirty litter will disgust him and he will relieve himself everywhere, a very unpleasant surprise when you return.

Supervising it is better

You can also take a cat camera to monitor his personal space to make sure that everything is still going well physically and mentally. Some models even allow you to communicate with him. Your voice can reassure him and prevent him from feeling abandoned during this time.

Leaving your kitten alone during the holidays: The final word

Leaving your kitten alone continuously is not recommended, but you can ensure that it can live independently with someone present for one or two hours each day so that everything goes well.