Leaving your cat alone at night is often a source of anxiety and you need to make sure everything goes well. Here’s everything you need to put in place to keep things running smoothly while you’re away.

Leaving your cat alone at night: The details

You are going to be away for the night and you are not sure that your cat will live it well. If your cat spends the night alone, here’s what to put in place to make sure everything goes well while you’re away so that he can be totally comfortable in your absence and have everything he needs. which he needs.

The physiological aspect

If your cat is left alone at night, make sure he has enough water and food so that he does not miss anything, even if in such a short period of time he is not at risk. The idea is just that he can eat and drink before you come back. If it’s hot, a water fountain is ideal.

As for hygiene, make sure his litter box is clean enough that he doesn’t defecate outside of the litter box at night. The idea is that he avoids snubbing her and does not relieve himself outside of the litter box.

The security aspect

Your cat should be away from electrical outlets, household products and toxic plants. Make sure he can’t put his nose at risk by sticking his nose everywhere, especially if it’s a young kitten.

To go further, you can place a cat camera in the place where he usually sleeps, you can monitor him from your smartphone.

Also check that everything is closed so that it does not go outside, especially if it is an outdoor cat who is used to going there.

The emotional aspect

So that he can have fun before you come back, take him some cat toys so that he can exercise normally, especially if he is very young. This is also the period during which he sleeps deeply.

He will get used to it quickly, especially if he is young, only the first night can be difficult for him if he is used to sleeping with you or seeing you when he wakes up to get his food. If it’s a kitten, it will have a lot of trouble the first night but will be used to it for the next few times.

A simple matter of habit

If cats don’t like to be alone, a single night will be easy for them after they get used to it. So make sure he can have everything he needs and everything will be fine. If your cat is still very young, he will have trouble the first night but will quickly understand that you are coming back the next day and can stay the night without worrying when you are not around.

Cat that spends the night alone: ​​The final word

Leaving his cat alone at night is a matter of habit and he will get used to it quickly, just make sure he has an environment that is suitable for him.