You want to leave your cat alone for three days, it is quite possible but you must make sure that everything goes better for him because he can take this absence very badly. I explain everything you need to know to manage as well as possible.

Leaving your cat alone for three days: The different aspects

Several aspects of your cat’s life must be controlled, here is everything you need to know so that they can best live your absence and above all be able to avoid any serious problem while you are there.

Food and water

A cat cannot fast for several days without suffering without health problems. It is vital to ensure that safe food and water are always available.

For water, make sure it does not stagnate because it will quickly be unhealthy. For this, a cat water fountain will allow him to always have drinking water. Make sure you put enough water for him to enjoy for 3 days.

For food, give him enough to last for several days, for example with a kibble dispenser, and don’t forget his soft food, you can give him enough at least for the first day, the kibble will be enough for them. next two days, and when you return, you can put the dose of cat food again.

His litter

For the litter box, just make sure it’s cleaned before you go away, so you can make sure it’s not too dirty when you get back and that he still does his business in it. Because cats do not relieve themselves in dirty litter boxes even if it means doing them elsewhere.

One way to keep her odor free is to put an odor absorber in her litter so she doesn’t smell.

You can also take a self-cleaning litter box so that it is always clean, especially if your absences are regular and sometimes longer.

Its security

For his safety, prevent him from accessing the outside and also from having access to places in the house such as those with sockets or toxic products for them. It must not be connected to any dangerous object. Make sure he does not go out to avoid any trouble when he is not at home like shock or injury.

His monitoring

Putting a cat camera in your personal space will always allow you to have an eye on it in case of problems. You can even communicate with him if the camera allows it. The most effective cameras even allow them to be monitored in the dark if it is dark.

Its fun

Games for cats or animal programs will help him to reassure himself during your absence and to spend these three days as well as possible while spending enough. The cat wheel is a classic, but there are plenty of toys for cats to keep busy and active.

His stress

To calm his anxious state, you can also act with several things, the first is to set up a diffuser of soothing pheromones which will act on his sense of smell and will allow him to calm naturally if he is afraid.

You can also put the television on low sound so that your cat can feel accompanied while he is alone at home.

You can also give him a box, which will allow him to smell good thanks to its smell and which will help him to feel protected. Cushions, ears and blankets will also be welcome.

Also leave the cat the means to walk freely, locking him in a room would be torture for him, he must be able to wander around the apartment. Finally, do not close the shutters, the dark is not very well tolerated by cats and they would end up becoming very anxious.

How will he live these three days?

If he is young, he will have it worse but will be better used to it for the next few times. Overall, the longer the absence, the less they manage to bear it. It is therefore still recommended to ask relatives to go see him regularly so that he can feel less alone.

Which cats are the loneliest?

Among the most adopted cats in French-speaking homes, the British Shorthair, the Abyssinian and the Bengal are the most solitary. Cats accustomed to younger ages will also tolerate loneliness better. Finally, those who have a generally autonomous character will also be generally better off.

FAQ: Answers to the most common questions

When it comes to leaving a cat alone, many questions often come to mind, here are the answers to the most common of them:

What will the cat’s state of mind be?

The first day he won’t experience it too badly, but the next two days will be a little more difficult, especially if it’s the first time, he may become anxious and will be listless, spending most of his time sleeping, d ‘where the interest of preparing everything so that it is at best.

Cats, however, experience the feeling of abandonment much less negatively than dogs, but after 3 days, he will not feel it yet, the time is too short.

What if I am regularly absent?

In this case, your cat will already get used to it a lot more, but ideally a second cat will allow him not to feel alone while you are away from home.

Will my cat forget me?

Clearly, no, he will still remember you, even after several years, so don’t worry about that, he will still recognize you, especially by smell.

Leave your cat alone for three days: The final word

If your cat is left alone for three days, assure him that he is bored to a minimum and that he can have all his needs and his security met. Cats are not made for loneliness and it is still preferable that someone visits them regularly. If you have two cats everything will be much better because the feeling of loneliness will no longer be present.