Leaving your cat alone for a week is sometimes necessary if you’re going on vacation or away for a long time, and it goes without saying that it’s going to be bad for you, so put everything we’re going to talk about in this article in place. be sure to implement the right solutions.

Leaving your cat alone for a week: The different aspects to ensure

The different aspects of the cat’s life must absolutely all be taken into account. Here is everything you need to do to leave your cat alone for a week without any problems:

Water and food

Regarding water, this is the main problem because it normally has to be changed every day, so you must ensure that he has a cat water fountain whose water will not stagnate and remain drinkable. You can also leave the faucet a little open so that it drips out while you’re away and your cat can hydrate.

Circulating water is also preferred by cats because in the wild it is healthy, unlike stagnant water, which is often unfit for consumption and contaminated.

As for food, a kibble dispenser will allow you to meet these needs during the week because a cat should never fast, make sure you fill it enough for a week.


As for play, a cat wheel or toys will keep her busy while you’re away. To make him feel less alone, you can turn on the television to an animal program, which is what some establishments do in the queue to calm them down. You can also put him a box whose smell and texture will make him have a good time.

Among the games that will allow your cat to play, there is the famous cat wheel, the food puzzle or the interactive ball with which he can let off steam for hours.


Your cat is alone and you cannot guarantee its 100% safety, so place a cat camera to monitor its personal space and be able to take action if it seems to be unwell. If you’re far away, someone can act in time. It is a must have for such a long time. Some devices even allow you to communicate with your cat, which will also affect his well-being, he will feel accompanied and not totally alone.


The litter box must absolutely be changed before you leave and completely, but unfortunately this method will work for 3 days and after that your cat will probably refuse to go because of its dirtiness.

A self-cleaning litter box is then essential, count a little more than 100 euros for an effective model.

You can also put a dedicated smell absorber in it so that your cat doesn’t have the smell rising to his muzzle after several days.

Another possibility is to take sand and place it in a large container, which will allow the cat to do its business there all week.


Your cat’s safety is essential, so make sure he does not have access to dangerous areas such as household products and plants that can be toxic to him.

Then, make sure that he cannot have access to the outside, by closing all exit possibilities. However, leave the shutters open so that he does not feel trapped.

Some cameras even allow you to establish communication with your cat and you can reassure your cat even from a distance.


Cats always need space to feel good, and leaving the doors open when they are alone allows them to run around and feel free, confinement will have negative effects on the contrary. You should also know that the shutters should not be closed, because cats do not like permanent darkness. Space is also important in a room, that it is not cluttered.

Regular attendance is recommended

A week is very very long for a cat, so it is recommended that someone can visit him regularly, especially if he is alone. The more time passes, the worse it will be. It is for this reason that I always prefer that he be under supervision, because he may start to stop drinking and eating out of apathy due to his loneliness.

FAQ: Answers to the most common questions

When it comes to leaving a cat alone, many questions often come to mind, here are the answers to the most common of them:

What will the cat’s state of mind be?

The first day he won’t experience it too badly, but the next two days will be a little more difficult, especially if it’s the first time, he may become anxious and will be listless, spending most of his time sleeping, d ‘where the interest of preparing everything so that it is at best.

Cats, however, experience the feeling of abandonment much less negatively than dogs, but after 7 days, he will not feel it yet, the time is too short, except if he is very young.

What if I am regularly absent?

In this case, your cat will already get used to it a lot more, but ideally a second cat will allow him not to feel alone while you are away from home.

Will my cat forget me?

Clearly, no, he will still remember you, even after several years, so don’t worry about that, he will still recognize you, especially by smell.

Leave your cat alone for a week: The final word

Leaving his cat alone is not something pleasant for him and to ensure all his needs make sure that he has everything he needs and that he can live this long absence as well as possible. But mentally, a period of 15 days alone is strongly discouraged because he can experience it extremely badly.