Leaving your cat alone for 2 days is not something impossible, you just have to put in place certain habits for everything to go well. In this article, I will guide you step by step so that everything goes well during these two days.

Leave your cat alone for 2 days: What to put in place

Leaving your cat alone for 2 days is the easy limit for a cat, beyond that it will start to feel serious loneliness and cats hate it. Here’s how to leave your cat for 2 days and everything is fine.

Water and food

Water and food should always be within reach of the cats. For water, it is best to set up water fountains so that it can stay healthy, although 2 days is not a long time. Flowing water does not stagnate like standing water, which will be rejected by the cat anyway if it becomes undrinkable.

Ditto for the food, either you fill it to the brim, or you will set up a kibble dispenser, which is preferable because it will better control its food intake.


Just change the litter box before you leave so that it’s clean enough that he doesn’t snub it and avoid dirtying your home. Also eliminate bad smells before leaving, such as cigarette smells, by airing the house completely. Ideally, take a self-cleaning litter box, so that your cat can relieve itself in a clean litter box and avoid doing it elsewhere because of the dirt.


Food outlets, household products or even toxic plants must be kept away from your cat, who must never access them at the risk of injury. Don’t leave anything open to prevent it from escaping. You can even disable the meter so he can’t hurt himself with electricity. If he is a player with the tap, turning off the water will also be necessary.

The game

A cat wheel or food puzzle will keep her in good physical condition and have fun while you’re away. Putting the television on in the background can also entertain him, as long as it doesn’t prevent him from sleeping.

The well-being

So that your cat can relax in your absence, putting an anti-stress diffuser is essential, it will act directly on the cat’s pheromones to calm it naturally. If your cat is alone, he can go there to calm down if he gets stressed.

Monitor it if necessary

You can monitor your cat if ever you are scared, a cat camera in his personal space will do the trick to monitor him remotely. You can make sure nothing happens to him. There are also certain devices that allow you to communicate with him to calm him down.

Leave your cat alone for 2 days: The final word

You can leave your cat alone for 2 days without any problem as long as you put all the necessary elements in place to ensure its safety and its needs.