If you want to wash your cat and it is afraid of water, it is necessary to put in place several things to achieve this without getting scratched. Here’s everything you need to put in place to achieve this successfully.

How to Wash a Cat Afraid of Water: The Basics

Before moving on to washing itself, it is vital to respect certain fundamentals that will make the task as easy as possible. First choose a quiet room without agitation so that he feels completely safe there, the quieter the corner, the quieter he himself will be.

Then, make sure he is reassured, you can cuddle him or give him an anti-stress spray that will act on his pheromones to calm him down in seconds and make washing the cat much easier.

Another thing is to take it when it is in the best mood, after playing for example or after it has eaten, when it will be naturally calmer to be washed without getting upset.

Finally, when washing, you can divert his attention, for example with a treat, so that he is as docile as possible and the least panicked. Another solution is to play a cat or nature video in general so that he can watch it while you wash him.

Give her a dry cat shampoo

There are dry shampoos for cats which are often recommended to wash it without loss and crash and so that it can not suffer from water. Take a dry shampoo designed for cats because the skin of the cat is different from ours.

If you don’t have dry shampoo for cats, you can put talc for cats on it, which will certainly act less well but can already wash it well without getting it wet. Always apply the shampoo for 5 minutes so that your cat is thoroughly cleaned.

Brush it

You can also brush it if ever it is slightly dirty, brushing is also recommended after you have put the dry cat shampoo on it. Take a cat brush so that the brushing is as precise as possible. Brushing removes dirt that has remained a little attached.

Wash it with a damp washcloth

Another solution is to wash it with a damp glove so that it can have as little water on it as possible, lukewarm water is also recommended so that your cat fears it as little as possible. You can take a cat glove that allows contact that your cat likes on his skin, making the washing process even easier.

How to wash a cat that is afraid of water: the final word

To wash a cat who is afraid of water, put all these tips in place and you will see that doing so will be child’s play, and the more he is used to it, the more he will let himself be done.