Here’s how to take your cat’s temperature, depending on where you’re taking the temperature. For each one, put in place the ways to make it easier to take it because your cat will naturally not like you taking it from him.

First of all, know that to make him as calm as possible, you can diffuse soothing sprays to act on his pheromones and calm him naturally directly, which will greatly facilitate the task. Especially if your cat is unneutered and therefore naturally more aggressive.

At the rectal level

The most efficient and reliable method but also the most effective, you can do it by lubricating the end of the thermometer, and take a digital model so as not to have to let it sink in, which will be easier than leaving it for several minutes, this which is nearly impossible.

To facilitate the task, diffusing bach flowers will relax your cat. On the other hand, never take him by surprise because he will no longer trust you and will sleep far away to see if he has access to the outside.

You can also go with two people to make the operation easier and reward the cat well afterwards so that it associates taking its temperature with something pleasant.

At the axillary level

The axillary level is the underside of the arms, therefore the armpits. This makes it easier to get the temperature but the temperature is often inaccurate. This method is unreliable and I do not recommend it because body heat is not accurate enough at this level.

At the auricular level

This is the ear and your cat will easily let it go. Moreover, it is a very reliable means, especially if his ears are clean . So why not do it? The answer is that you need an infrared ear thermometer, which is more expensive than conventional models. You will need to count more than 100 euros.

Temperature thresholds

The cat’s temperature must be between 37.8 and 39.2 degrees, otherwise it is indeed sick and you will need to have it treated if nothing changes favorably. Below this threshold, problems such as intoxication or a state of shock after exposure to cold are possible. Beyond that, he is sick and simply has a fever

Taking a cat’s temperature: The final word

Ideally, the temperature is taken in the anus, but if your cat is reluctant, you can take it in the ear but you will need the right tool. I strongly advise against armpits which do not give enough reliability. Don’t forget that the more he calms down, the more he will let himself go when you take his temperature.