Does your cat tend to pee everywhere? In this article, we will see together how to prevent a cat from urinating everywhere. We will proceed in two phases, we will first see how to immediately prevent it with suitable solutions and then the basic solutions will be explained to stop your cat from peeing in the house.

How to stop a cat from urinating everywhere?

To prevent your cat from urinating all over the house, here are the how to achieve it, you will also see how to treat the specific cause that pushes your cat to urinate, while having the means to recognize it to act well.

Immediate solutions

To avoid having to clean up your cat’s urine when he pees in the plants, on the sofa or on the floor , here is how to contain it using the three most effective solutions. You can make sure to keep the situation under control until the problem is resolved definitively.

Use repellents

Cats are very sensitive to odors, so if yours is peeing in specific areas, you can apply cat repellent to it so that it no longer needs to do its business there and you don’t end up with a puddle of pee. each time you visit the area(s). Repellents will not be unpleasant for you, only for your cat. For example, a large number of repellents give off a slight smell of citrus, which is better perceived by the cat and which, above all, disgusts it.

Put diapers on her

Diapers are very effective because they ensure that there is no pee in the house when you get home. Reusable cat diapers will allow you to use them over the long term if necessary, especially if your cat urinates due to illness. The urine will remain in the diapers that you can put in the washing machine.

Use a spray

Here, the spray will diffuse an odor that your cat loves and that you can diffuse at the level of the litter box so that your cat can go there naturally to relieve itself. He will also begin to understand that this is where he needs to relieve himself. It’s a positive way to encourage him, and if he’s very young, it might even be enough to potty train him.

Fund solutions

The cat has its reasons for peeing everywhere, here is how to prevent it by treating the problem at the root, its solutions are not always immediate, and often there will be progress in time before the situation is finally resolved.

Castrate him

If your cat is not neutered, he will tend to mark his territory and you will have to make sure to have him neutered because otherwise he will be more aggressive, and his life expectancy will be much shorter if he has access to food. outside, because of all the risks he will take. The castration of the cat has only advantages for you as for him. Unneutered cats are much more territorial and will want to show everyone that they are at home.

Spend time with him

If you see that your cat is stressed , it is normal for him to urinate everywhere, it is a way to feel safe by marking the house with his scent, so always make your cat feel good while playing with him and sharing moments with your feline. Cat sprays will be very useful here to bring him in a good state of mind for relaxation and play.

Manage change well

If a change has taken place, your cat tries to get used to it by marking its territory, so make sure you get used to it and reassure it so that it understands that everything is fine and that there is nothing wrong with it. does not need to urinate everywhere, which is very common when moving house.

Check that everything is good with the litter

Your cat can also snub his litter box, too small, poor quality granules, a bad location, too much dirt or too strong chemical odors can lead him to snub it, so make sure that the litter box meets all the requirements. criteria. These are crucial for your cat to deign to defecate there. For older cats, a rimmed litter can also be a problem because they won’t be able to step over it and will often pee elsewhere.

Don’t punish him

Punishing your cat is totally unnecessary and will hurt your cat’s trust in you. So just ignore him when he pees everywhere and reward him when he pees or poops in his litter box. Creation-reward systems are vital in cat training.

How to clean urine?

To clean your cat’s urine, be sure to use a product that does not excite him, such as bleach, otherwise he will relieve himself on it, baking soda can do the trick, but a cleanser for cat urine will give you much better results.

When to go to the vet?

You should go to the vet if you suspect he is sick, as he can urinate all over the place due to lack of bladder control, especially when he is older, and in the meantime a diaper will help contain him. Urinary tract infections, for example, can cause him to lose control of his bladder and he may even urinate a little blood.

When to go to the behaviorist?

A cat that is poorly weaned or that comes from a shelter will be harder to train, so if it does as it pleases and has behavioral problems in general, you will have to take it to a feline behaviorist. .

How to stop your cat from urinating everywhere?

To stop your cat from urinating everywhere, start by making sure to use an immediate solution to give yourself a break, then implement the best practices according to the cause of the problem, and you will be rid of it for good.