Thinking of putting a harness on your cat? Maybe you just want to walk your cat outside or maybe you have to travel with the cat and you are afraid that it will escape. Whatever the reason, wearing a harness is a very good option, as it is much more difficult for him to slip out of a harness than a collar.

But how do you put a harness on a cat? I explain everything to you.

How to put a harness on a cat? Choose the right model

Choose a type of cat harness. There are two types of cat harnesses: the figure-eight harness and the H-shaped harness. The main difference is that the figure-eight harness has only two buckles that go over the cat’s shoulders, the H-shaped harness has a short strap that fits between the shoulder blades with clips at each end.

The choice also depends on the size of the cat. Most harnesses have adjustable attachments, but they are not designed so that a small harness can fit a large cat. On the contrary, they are designed to be comfortable and to fit perfectly.

Take measurements to measure your cat. To find out your cat’s chest size, use a tape measure and place it just behind the cat’s front legs. Measure around his chest, making a complete circle, making sure the tape is not twisted so as not to distort the results.

Apply light pressure so the tape is snug, but not too hard. Take this measurement and add 5 to 7.5 cm. This number gives you the size of harness to buy.

But where to find it?

There are cat harnesses available at most pet stores and they come in a variety of colors and materials. If you have a specific model in mind, it may be easier for you to purchase it online.

Keep in mind that sizes can vary from brand to brand, so a large harness from one brand may not fit another brand, be sure to check the size chart.

Harness your cat

Hold the harness straight by grasping it between the two buckles. Look at the size of the two parts. The smallest is the loop that slips over the cat’s head and does not need to be undone. The larger loop will go around the cat’s chest and must be unbuttoned.

Put the harness on your cat

Figure 8 Harness

Take the small bow and place it on the cat’s head so that it rests on the front of his shoulders. With the small loop above the cat’s head, slide the harness so it’s on its back between the shoulder blades.

Now take the unbuttoned ends of the larger knot and wrap them around the cat’s chest. Adjust the buckle.

Don’t worry about the size yet. You will make adjustments later. The exception to this is if the bow is too small to fit around the cat’s head or chest, in which case you need to lengthen the length a bit using the sliding adjustment.

H-shaped harness

Put an H-shaped harness on your cat. The H-shaped harness has a strap that runs along the bottom of the cat’s chest, between the front legs, in addition to the buckles and straight piece of figure-of-eight harnesses.

If the buckles of your H-shaped harness are attached by two straight pieces on opposite sides of the buckle, it is a harness with a back strap and a chest strap. The back strap is easy to identify because it is always shorter than the chest strap.

To get your bearings, locate the short strap (the one that goes down the back) and fasten it. Now slip the cat’s head through the small loop. Unbuckle the large bow and you will see that one half of the bow forms a large “D” with the chest strap. Simply insert the front leg on the same side as this “D” shape through the interior space. Pass the rest of the length of the bow under the cat’s chest and tighten the loop.

Check the fit of the harness. The harness is now on the jack and what you need to do is check how tight it is. Regardless of the type of harness you used, you should be able to fit two or three fingers between the harness and the cat so that the cat is comfortable but with a firm and secure harness.

Use the slide adjusters to individually lengthen or shorten the attachments until you are 100% sure the cat is comfortable and secure.

Let your cat get used to the harness while it’s still inside. It is recommended that the cat be so used to the harness that he forgets he is wearing one. Keep in mind that some cats will never be completely comfortable in a harness.

One thing that can help your cat accept a new harness is to leave it next to its bowl before trying to put it on. This way you will associate the harness with good things in his head.

let it get used to

Before leaving, get him used to wearing the leash, he will probably have some discomfort at first, but he will eventually get used to it, which will take a little time. He will eventually not feel it anymore and will forget the presence of the product as he goes along, especially if you entertain him.

You can also give him a reward as said earlier, when he has the harness, so that he associates it with a reward.

How to put a harness on a cat? The final word

Putting a harness on a cat doesn’t take as much effort as it is often thought, as long as you are methodical. Associating this moment with a reward will further promote its implementation for the next times, because it will be much more playful to put it.