Getting a cat to swallow a pill is often dangerous. So here’s how to do it while avoiding scratching and the usual cat rebellion. I will explain everything to you step by step.

How to make a cat swallow a pill?

Here are the different ways to make a cat swallow a tablet. Each way depends on several things, mainly on whether the tablet can be taken with food or not.

In his food

If the tablet can be taken with food, then putting it in food will make it easy to swallow. You can crush it so that it doesn’t notice this extraneous element. This is obviously the easiest way to get him to swallow his pill. You can compress it so that it can be swallowed even more easily.

You can also sprinkle it with salmon oil so that it eats it directly, the food in any case makes it much easier to take a tablet. The food helps make the tablet appetizing and greatly facilitates your work.

By making the tablet attractive

Cats have smell as their main sense and you can for example put the tablet in contact with a strong smell that your cat likes. For example, you can put the tablet in contact with steam when you cook chicken, your feline will be much more attracted to the tablet to swallow.

You can also diffuse an anti-stress spray which will attract it towards the tablet and make it easier for your cat to take it.

With the strong method

If your cat is recalcitrant, wrap it in a towel to prevent it from moving and forcefully administer it to the back of its throat. A pill launcher can help you with this. Then reward your cat with a reward, such as a treat. This will create a positive association in his mind and promote the after times, making it less difficult to implement.

To soften this tablet intake, you can disperse soothing cat pheromones so that it is calmer and more serene. They act on the cat’s sense of smell.

Which accessories to facilitate the work?

Some accessories will allow you to make your cat swallow a tablet more easily:

  • The towel : To wrap the cat and prevent it from struggling and scratching, which it is sure to do.

  • The tweezers : It allows you to place the tablet directly in the back of the cat’s throat, but be careful not to hurt it if it moves its head in all directions.

  • The pill launcher : More precise and which allows it to penetrate directly into your throat. It is a must have for aggressive cats.

How to make a cat swallow a tablet: The final word

If your cat has to swallow tablets, only the case in which it has to take it without food is tricky and will often be done by force. If you can use the food, then everything will be very easy.