To know how to punish a cat that pees on the bed, you have to pay attention to the cause, so in this article you will see how to recognize the cause and how to act on it, we will also give you what to stop the problem immediately .

How to punish a cat that pees on the bed? Find the cause and implement the appropriate solution.

To punish a cat for peeing on the bed, knowing the cause is vital, here’s why your cat is peeing on the bed and how to fix it accordingly.

A medical problem

Affecting especially old cats, diseases can make your cat incontinent, such as kidney failure for example. He will then urinate everywhere and may also have pain when urinating. In this case, it will be necessary to take him to the veterinarian, no need to punish him.

A problem with the litter

If your cat refuses the litter, there is a problem with it, the pellets may not be of good quality and the litter box may also be a problem, with for example, a height too high for its age or household products unsuitable for cleaning. There are many causes why a cat snubs its litter box.

Once the good deeds are in place, have him scratch the pellets to make him understand that he must use it. When he uses it, reward him and instead ignore him and lock him in a room for a few minutes when he urinates in bed.

The stress

A stressed cat can urinate in a place where it feels better, if a new animal has arrived in the home or the cat has just experienced a move, it will be necessary to reassure it as much as possible so that everything is settled quickly. Ditto for young cats who must be reassured when they arrive in the home. To calm him down, the anti-stress spray will be a great help.

Immediate solutions

There are several solutions to act before having been able to treat the problem at the root, allowing you to no longer have to undergo this feline behavior.

The cat repellent

There are certain smells that cats hate, and cat repellents keep him away from a place, in this case the bed, where he won’t relieve himself as long as you put it on.

The mattress protector

You can also put a mattress protector, so that the urine does not reach the bed, this will also make the place less attractive for the cat.

Diapers for cats

There too, an easy and essential solution if your cat has incontinence problems, there are reusable ones that will be of great help to you in this case.

How to punish a cat that pees on the bed?

Punishing is not always the solution, use a punishment-reward system if necessary but always do what is necessary to find the cause and treat it at the root.