If your cat has a temperature above 38 degrees, then his temperature is higher than average, but there are some solutions to bring the temperature down. To take your temperature, here is a complete article . Now let’s see how to bring down a cat’s temperature.

How to lower a cat’s temperature?

There are several solutions to lower its temperature, here is everything you need to know so that your cat can regain a normal body temperature.

Set up a cool environment

A cool environment can help him lower his temperature, as he will have trouble evacuating heat if it is too hot where he is, so you will have to give him access to a cooler room or put the air conditioning on so that it can evacuate as much heat as possible.

Make water available

Water allows the cat to cool its body, so encourage it to see it, for example you can add a little salmon or tuna oil to make it more palatable and your cat to drink with envy.

Give her a cooling mattress

Radical solution, if your cat wants to evacuate the heat, you can take him a cooling mattress on which he can put himself to no longer undergo the heat and evacuate as much as possible that of his body.

Let him rest

A cat that gets enough rest will be able to evacuate heat better, make sure it is in a quiet place so that it can rest and sleep without being interrupted. Don’t disturb him when he’s sleeping either.

Manage your diet well

The better your cat’s diet, the more well its body temperature will be regulated. Cat food should consist of 1/3 soft food and 2/3 dry food so that your cat has everything it needs; also take high quality food so that he can live as long as possible and be as well nourished as possible. Here is the article dedicated to cat food.

Act on stress

A cat that feels better will tend to better regulate its body temperature, stress putting it into a survival mechanism. You can reassure him, but ideally, diffuse an anti-stress spray that will act on his pheromones. The spray can also be used to attract him to water or food when he needs it.

Go see the vet

Go see the veterinarian if he ever has problems and he has a lot of fever, in some cases, medication is essential for him to feel better and be completely cured. If it’s an old cat, don’t hang around too long.

How to lower a cat’s temperature? The final word

Bringing down a cat’s temperature is quite simple, just put the right things in place to get them back to a good body temperature.