Healing a cat’s wound naturally is easy to do, as long as it has not been necrotic or is not of a size justifying a visit to the veterinarian. So here’s how to heal a cat’s wound naturally in this article.

How to heal a cat’s wound naturally?

Here’s everything you can do to help your cat’s wound heal naturally, whether it’s a scratch, a bite or a burn wound.

Put him saline

Spraying the wound with saline solution designed for cats will keep it in good condition, helping to avoid infection of the wound and should be a reflex to have in case of injury, so make sure you have some on hand so that your cat can have a healthy ground for the wound to heal. Physiological saline represents the basis of all healing, allowing the necessary conditions.

Apply cat sanitizer

By applying a disinfectant for cats, adapted to the PH of its skin, your cat will also be able to have a more favorable ground for the natural healing of its wound. So make sure your cat has enough to disinfect his wound, because an infection will only make his condition worse.

Put a bandage on him

By putting a bandage on your cat, you allow the wound not to touch anything, the bandage will have to be changed each time it comes off and at least once a day. A bandage for humans will be adapted to him this time. You can also put a bandage on it if the bandage is not enough or if it comes off when your cat is active.

Put some cat balm on her

The cat balm is ideal for treating the pain that your cat may have, you can apply it as soon as your cat meows or seems weakened by his wound to facilitate the road to healing and in addition to prevent him from scratching it.

Put a collar on him

Here too, it is vital to put a collar on the cat in order to prevent it from scratching and to be able to ensure that healing is not compromised by the scratching of the cat. So also make sure your cat can’t scratch. Be careful not to overtighten the collar though to prevent your choking on it.

Honey and sugar

Applying honey or sugar to the cat’s skin can allow it to heal better in a totally natural way, less effective than an antiseptic but which is still a very good way to make it heal if nothing else is available. Sugar is a second possibility. However, this solution remains much inferior to cat balm.

Leave it inside

Leaving him inside is vital so he doesn’t soil his wound on the outside or make it bigger by jumping around. You will help to avoid deterioration of the wound by leaving your cat at home. By going outside, he risks losing his dressing and rubbing the wound against something that will cause the wound to itch and he will scratch.

How to Heal a Cat’s Wound Naturally: The Final Word

If you want to treat your cat’s wound naturally, follow these tips and I guarantee it will soon be just a bad memory for your cat. You can then reapply what works best when your cat has a sore in the future.