Does your cat start to growl? He can do this for many reasons that are not necessarily related to outright aggression. Here are the differences why a growling cat does so.

Cat growling: The main reasons and their solutions

If your cat starts to growl, it is due to one of the following reasons. For each one, we will see together how to recognize it and above all how to react to it correctly to put an end to the problem.

Mark your territory

The cat may first growl to mark its territory, especially if a new pet is joining the household. The cat is a very territorial animal and it becomes very aggressive if another animal enters its territory.

To prevent him from growling, separate the bowls and in general, the living area of ​​each animal. It is necessary that each cat has its own corner with its only smell. Then, if there is too much animosity between your animals, you can take pheromones that will appease it and put an end to the conflicts.

For your part, avoid being close to your cat when he eats or relieves himself, he hates that and the growl he emits tells you that you have to leave. In fact, he feels vulnerable during these times and disturbing him there will make him aggressive.

He wants to be quiet

If your cat growls when you pet him or want to play with him, he doesn’t want contact with you and wants to stay quiet. Generally, he wishes to sleep.

He is hurt

Grunting can come from physical pain that is not necessarily physical, such as physical ailments, urinary tract infections, dental disease… If you cannot pinpoint the cause of the growling that seems unexplained, go to the veterinarian because he may be suffering from a disease or pathology.

To get a better idea, a good idea is to feel it and see if it hurts, in which case it probably has an injury, which can be internal or external and which can be even more dangerous. if it is not visible.

If your cat has been injured, then it’s vital that you avoid whatever caused the problem, such as a fall from the balcony.

He is afraid

Growling often expresses fear in cats. To form an accurate opinion, try to see what can scare the cat. The most likely cause is a change in his life, being very routine, such as a move.

In case of fear, soothing pheromones can reassure him temporarily. He will eventually get used to the change as long as he has his personal space available and you comfort him and make him feel his best.

If a newcomer has arrived in the household, he will gradually get used to it, if it’s an animal, go gradually, start by letting them smell their respective scents on a piece of cloth, and make sure to always watch, especially if in the wild they attack each other naturally.

He’s angry

Cats may just be mad at you or someone else and growl for that reason. For example, a cat that has not been fed will growl to express its displeasure. A naturally aggressive cat can also be under the influence of its impulses and it is preferable to have it neutered.

He makes his animal instinct roar

A cat may look very cute, but in the wild, its sight, smell and agility make it an inveterate hunter. Outside, he can growl to practice hunting, especially if he is young and especially if he lives in an apartment and cannot hunt.

To stop this behavior, you can play with him and provide him with toys that will train his animal instincts like these . Also check that it has a diet with at least 30% meat, being a carnivorous animal.

my cat growls

My cat growls: Special cases

Certain scenarios often come up with regard to the growling of cats, here is all you need to know about each of them.

Cat growling at another cat

Every cat’s instinct resurfaces, usually because of a turf war. You will need to clearly establish each other’s territory by creating a personal space for each. No litter or bowl should be shared.

It is also necessary that the two cats are neutered, otherwise, they will be naturally more aggressive and territorial and the fights can degenerate.

Finally, if they are not used to each other, you will have to make sure that they can tame each other. Start by smelling their respective scents on a piece of paper, then once they get used to it, play with both of them so they can get along. Here is a complete article dedicated to the subject.

Cat growling while playing

The predatory instinct speaks in the majority of cases , your cat trains to hunt and emits predatory growls because he is very stimulated. In fact, this will mostly happen when the cat has the toy taken away, it is then unhappy because you have taken away its prey.

No need to punish him, it will be counterproductive, ignorance is the best answer, with cat repellent if he continues to be very aggressive.

Cat growling for no reason

Two main reasons can explain this behavior, either your cat is unhappy or he is sick and in pain. If the cause cannot be found, go to the veterinarian to do the necessary. If he growls when you touch him, for example, he probably has pain there.

Cat growls when touched

This will happen especially when he is sleeping, he does not want to be disturbed. However, there may be other reasons, here is an article dedicated to the subject. A disease can also hide under this problem, such as a fracture for example.

Cat growling all the time

The most likely cause is pain and that should lead to a visit to the vet, especially if your cat is old and therefore more weak. He can also be under stress, so try to see the effect of an anti-stress spray so you can see the difference, and if stress is the culprit, you will have to find the cause deep down and act correctly so that your cat regains its natural calm.

Cat that growls when carried

Contact intolerance or localized pain are the most likely causes. Check for any signs of weakness and take him to the vet if he’s ever in bad shape. If he was sleeping, that’s normal, you disturbed him.

Cat growling and spitting

The cat seeks to show its dominance, probably for a question of territory. Here too, castration is recommended, in the meantime, you can try to calm him down with an anti-stress spray or scare him away with a cat repellent. Everything depends on the situation.

What if it’s an ingrained behavior and nothing helps?

If ever your cat is a natural growler, then it is vital to put in place the following solutions, which will allow you to change its character, because sometimes cats are naturally more growlers, especially those who were born in shelters, having a more difficult past, and sometimes it’s just a matter of personality.

The first thing is not to punish him, which would reinforce his aggressive behavior, and rather to ignore him, so that he understands that his growling will get him nowhere and that a calm attitude, on the contrary, will lead to harm. good. It’s a reward system that works for absolutely everything with cat training.

The second thing is to diffuse an anti-stress solution so that he calms down and stops his act, so you can work on his nerves whenever necessary. It is not a basic solution, but it will change his state of mind and can help him, especially if he has little of something recurring, he will end up associating it with relaxation at come.

Another thing is to give him the calmest environment possible, which should always be done but especially with aggressive cats, his environment must also be personal to him and with elements that allow him to have a good time, such as a tree. toys and personal toys with which he can play, such as a cat wheel or an electric fish.

Growling cat: The final word

Cat growls can have multiple causes, by knowing the exact origin, you will be able to solve the problem at the origin of these feline growls. It’s usually not something serious, but it can be distressing, so do the right thing.