Cats love hugs, which they express as a deep purr, but do cats understand kisses? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Do cats understand kisses?

Directly no, cats do not understand kisses as we understand them, however they know that it is a gesture of affection from you towards them and they generally appreciate them.

Basically, they feel the affection but do not understand the gesture which seems totally absurd to them.

You can also notice that if he likes kisses, he will tend to give you some in return, proof that he understands that it is a way to exchange tenderness?

Does that mean he loves?

Most like kisses, but some won’t like it at all, a matter of personality, they understand it’s a way of showing affection to you but may hate this way of expressing it, tolerant and loving only cuddles.

Like us, cats release oxytocin when they feel affection.

If your cat is licking your lips, it’s precisely because he feels this affection.

A cat that likes kisses will be totally relaxed, unlike a cat that doesn’t want it and will go away or turn its head.

Do Cats Understand Kisses: The Final Word

Cats do not have the exact meaning of the kiss, but they know perfectly well that it is a sign of affection because they have a very strong feeling, which does not guarantee that they love, everything is a question of personality.