Do cats like kisses? In this article, I tell you everything so that you can know if your cat likes your kisses and especially how to give him kisses that he likes, even if he doesn’t really like them.

Do cats like kisses?

In fact, it all depends on many factors, but cats can like kisses, here is all you need to know about the ratio of cats to kisses.

They understand your affection

Cats are able to understand that your kisses are a sign of affection, they do not understand the precise meaning because our relationship to love is too complex for them, it is more about affection on their part, love being typically human because is linked to our brain.

From there, of course, cats can like kisses, but if your cat does not like you to kiss it, it is not inevitable as I will show you.

Some like it some don’t

It’s all about personality, as cats have different personalities , playful and cuddly will naturally like, dominant ones less so. Age is also taken into account, the younger the cat, the more he will like hugs and kisses.

How to make him like kisses?

Many things influence whether cats like kisses or reject you. The first thing is the context, was he sleeping, had he just eaten? In this case, obviously, your cat is not willing to receive kisses.

On the contrary, a cat who wants to play or cuddles, will be in good times to receive kisses. The slower you go, the better he’ll like it. You can start with the ribs, then the head to get him used to it and that he understands that he is in no danger.

Also make sure to give him kisses in pleasant moments, to create in his mind a positive association that will make him like kisses.

The signs he likes

If your cat is rubbing against you, cuddling you, getting closer, then it’s a sign that he likes your kisses, same if he purrs while you kiss your cat. More subtle signs, such as blinking eyes, are also a sign that your cat is having a good time. The cat’s blinking eyes at you are used to show its affection to you.

The signs he doesn’t like

A cat that turns its head, nibbles, or claws does not like your kisses, try to give it to him at a better time and more gently so as not to disturb him anymore. Jealous cats tend to reject previously accepted kisses. In this case, you will have to win back his affection by making him understand that you still love him.

Does my cat like kisses: The final word

Your cat can kiss or not, it all depends on his personality, the context and especially how you go about it. You can endear it by doing it gradually and in pleasant moments.