Cats, like us, can get dandruff, but dandruff in an obese cat is usually directly related to their weight problem. Here is everything you need to know and especially what you need to put in place to protect it from dandruff.

Dandruff in an obese cat: The different causes

If your cat has problems with obesity, this dandruff is linked to the fact that he cannot groom himself all over his body and dead skin accumulates until dandruff forms on these areas. . Generally, his back will be the most affected and the back of his body in general too.

In addition, obese cats can suffer from diabetes or hepatic steatosis, which worsens seborrhea and therefore promotes the appearance of dandruff.

The diet may also be unbalanced, causing both its obesity and promoting the appearance of dandruff because of the impact on the cat’s skin.

How to get rid of dandruff?

The first thing to do is therefore to brush it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dead skin, moreover a cat that cannot wash completely will have problems with hairballs and you will solve two problems at once in it doing her toilet.

If the dandruff is encrusted, a shampoo for cats can be applied, avoid our shampoos for humans as they are not at all suitable for the heat of its body. Otherwise, brushing with baking soda can already help to get rid of it.

If your cat is old, then give him omega-3 fatty acids which will allow his skin to be less sensitive to dandruff by giving him, for example, fish oil which is full of it and which he will appreciate. Omega-3s are great for the skin in general, often avoiding the itchiness that cats can get.

Finally, make sure that his diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, with for example supplements for cats, especially if he is on a diet and cannot eat as usual. You will get two benefits from it: he will have more energy and will be able to spend himself, acting on obesity and above all, his skin will be in better condition.

Obesity must be treated properly

Obesity must absolutely be treated because it will lead to many diseases, but never by cutting off all food, prefer to reduce it gradually to avoid deficiencies in the cat and you will get results as you go.

Also encourage him to move, if it’s an outdoor cat, a cat game or a food puzzle are a good start for him to exercise, which he needs. You can also get him a cat wheel and spray cat pheromones on it so he can be encouraged to run on it.

My obese cat has dandruff: The final word

An obese cat will sooner or later have dandruff, which is problematic and can make the skin condition worse if necessary. So do what is necessary to eliminate them and especially so that your cat regains a normal weight.